New dual 21700 for Hohm Wrecker G2

So I dropped one of my Home Wrecker G2 mods and one of the battery contacts broke. Still love the chip, never had one go bad on me so contacted Jeremy Vorhees at to see if he can 3d print a new enclosure for it. Wanted it to accommodate at least a 35mm and dual 21700’s. This is what he came up with and must admit, I am beyond happy. It will even take a 40mm, the 41mm Titan just has a tiny bit of overhang on the bevel, not the mod itself.

Just putting it out there for those that still have a Hohm tech G2 but wanted a new enclosure. He can probably repair a G2 with broken battery contacts too. He actually repaired a friend of mine who had an expensive stab wood mod, put a new DNA chip in it and replaced the Lipo.

He is going to make a DNA250C version of this mod as well. Going to get one of those

This is the extra battery door he included as well.

35mm Ragnar

41mm Titan with just a tiny bit of overhang

I got some more of his atty stands too and he includes a bunch of bonus stuff.


Love it all, thanks for the link.


Garry! Always good to hear from you my friend!


Always a pleasure never a chore :rofl:


Those atty stands are nice…


@mjag very cool :dizzy: his products are quality. I have his new coil jig.


Really liking some of their stuff @mjag, especially those stands …


Holy shit! I have two of them and I love love love 'em but because they’re so thin, I’m constantly knocking them over so they don’t get used much. I’ve looked for a couple of years for a new enclosure, but have had zero luck. This is awesome! How much did it set you back if you don’t mind my asking?

I need a nap now.


Stickers! So many stickers!


I already have 3 of his stands but filled them up, needed more lol. He also makes a build stand I forgot to order, will do that next time.

@MisterSinner yeah, he does quality work. I think I have 5 mods from him and the layout, soldering, wiring is all top notch. He does custom laser engraving now too that look amazing.

These 2 are some of my favorites painted by our very own @R113 And finished by Vorhees with a DNA250C and big ass Lipo, lasts me about 3 days before needing to be recharged.

@Lostmarbles he is working on the pricing and will let you know once I hear back. He is always reasonably priced, not like some custom mod makers.

Thanks @SessionDrummer ,I highly recommend the atty stands.

@SquirrelSmash sorry bro, stickers are all mine mine mine :triumph::triumph::triumph: :grin:


There’s just something about that last monolith !!!



Ok, you win. I grudgingly accept the mods instead.


That last mod is probably my all time favorite mod, gets used almost everyday. I asked @R113 for a mod that looked rustic, he calls it old ugly metal or something like that lol. It is just so unique and I love the way it came out. Also holds a 40mm so the Titan lives most of it’s life on top.


You should check out @R113 Instagram, he was the guy who painted mods for @Whiterose0818 too.

He does great work, talented dude


now I know who these were for when I saw them on his IG :rofl:


Beauty! Congrats on owning these and awesome work to all involved.


Dude, I would really like to see your collection. Is it all out and set up real nice or in storage? I am curious to know if you trade and or give stuff away. The way I figure it, even if you do, you must have thousands of RDA’s and hundreds of Mods… :grin:

I think I might have a man-crush… :laughing:

Just went and checked the web page and WOW, he has a lot of cool things. Like the cup holder insert.

The coil jig is pretty cool too.

Thanks for the link and info @mjag


Hahaha, thanks Dan.

I only have part of my collection out, the rest in storage and yeah, I PIF and trade, someone trying to quit the sticks I will give them a setup. I can get some pics up when I fill the rest of the Voorhees stands I just got in. Going to try and get to that next week.


Yaz, that IS a big ass lipo and a beauty. I love the looks of it. I like metal and spartan looking mods. Thx for the link. I shared it with a friend of mine.


The antique metal mod is your favorite over the newest smoked metallic? I’ll be damned :sunglasses: