New Early Birthday Prescent

Just thought I’d share this with you all, after alot of moaning and wining as us men do…LOL.
that my single humble efest battery charger wasn’t working well, taking for ever to charge the batteries…

The dear wife decided she had enough and my moaning and bitching about it, she only gone and brought me a Nitecore I4 Charger for a early Birthday prescent, Bless her…


Good charger, i have a couple D4’s and they work quite well. I dont think there is any difference outside of the LED screen which isnt really necessary.

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Great to hear that, lets hope it charges the batteries and dam site faster than this pile of crap does i have …i swear its starting to give up…took me nearly 4hours to charge a single 18650 2500 battery

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I know the feeling @CuRbY Fro Christmas my wife bought me a Coil Master DIY kit and a nail polish rack to help organize my flavorings. As hard as I’ve tried I haven’t been able to get her into vaping. It’s showing interest in what interests me that warms the heart. Do you have the same situation?

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Nice charger, I love mine…

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Got two of those and I love 'em! Charge my 18650s, AAs and AAAs from the same unit. Only time I was ever concerned was when I offered to charge a friend’s LG HG2’s. The charger got rather warm charging 4 of those up.

Happy Birthday!
Mine is the 21st. Think the wife is getting me a UD vape bag but not 100% sure. I promised not to peek.

When charging 2, put them in slots 1 & 2 to charge more quickly. Bays 1 & 3 share a circuit, as do 2 & 4.
If you aren’t in a hurry, charge them in 1 & 3 and you might get a couple more charges out of the battery before it wears out.

Happy Birthday, Man! I’ve got 1 of those too - Its a beudy! Charge as per Zigz’ recommendation.

I had the i4, now got the D4. The screen is handy, might have better safety control too. otherwise pretty much the same yeah