New FA Flavours

Don’t know if this has been posted before but I’ve just got an Email from Flavourart to say they have seven new flavours

CoCoon - Toffee Apple

Euphoria - Citrus & Soft Tobacco

wOw - Fried Fruity Sweet Donut

Labyrinth - Sweet Vanilla Caramel Fruit Cake

Metaphor - Crispy Fruity Cream Cake

Morning Sun - Milky Fruit Sweetness

UP - Coffee, Cream, Cereal


I like FA usually, I wonder how close they are with the descriptions though. On that site they have Joy down as biscuit, meringue & caramel … whu?? :confused: lol

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Just came on to post this news!
Love the Flavour Art concentrates myself and will be placing an order for these new flavours especially looking forward to the cake ones!

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Just got most of these and a few others I always wanted to get from FA UK thanks !

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Yes he is a great guy to deal with at FAUK, have always found his service and advice invaluable.
What flavours did you get ?
And what are your thoughts?


Yes! Let us know about those cake and donut flavors please!


I got these
Price: $18.28
Flavour 1: Cornish Cream Tea
Flavour 2: Custard Pi
Flavour 3: Labyrinth (Sweet Vanilla Caramel Fruit Cake)
Flavour 4: Metaphor (Crispy Fruit Cream Cake)
Flavour 5: Morning Sun (Milky with Fruit Sweetness)
Flavour 6: wOw (Fried Fruity Sweet Donut)

I thought it was a pretty good deal shipping is mandatory 15$ but overall it was a fair price.


I love FA Flavors .Thanks for sharing This. The CoCoon flavor seems interesting.

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Are they gonna let us be guinea pigs so we can fill up the reviews section :smiley:

I got the flavors today and I’d say overall they were all good some much better than others. Morning Sun wOw Labyrinth Custard Pi 3.14 ( Blended Not really a new flavor only FA UK ) Metaphor Cornish Cream ( Blended Not really a new flavor only FA UK )

I’d say overall I really really love the Cornish cream , Metaphor, & Morning Sun. As much as I love donuts I woulda thought wOw but it did not exactly wOw me it may be better as it steeps although it was not bad don’t get me wrong. :smile:


Been away but been really looking forward to the new release, love to see how these play out, haven’t found that ‘yes this is the donut I want’

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thats not a bad price, I would even pay that for shipping considering the fact that all those flavors are sold out of the places that I have been looking… And many of the places don’t even carry them yet lol.


Just got in the Labyrinth and Metaphor…any hints on starting points and/or flavor notes from anyone that has tried it yet? Thinking to just do the usual 3% sf testers first and go from there unless somone has ideas on the strength yet?


I think you should certainly do stand alones all of the new flavors seem to have fruits mixed in with creams that a way you can write some notes I put my notes up on each flavor on ELR but you know taste is subjective what I get from them vs your taste may be completely different.

Glad some one else finally got some. I am now at the point where I have mixed a few batches up and have used them in a recipe here’s hoping their not terrible :wink: learning where to use them still but I do like each one of them.

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I agree, that’s what I usually do. Just haven’t tried a new FA in awhile, been learning on the FLV lately. I know it’s not usually as concentrated as FLV though.

I think I tried Nonna’s at 5% the first time, and FLV I usually do 3%. So I’ll just take the easy road and start at 4%.

Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

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See that is funny I think FA and FLV are about the same in concentration. Maybe FA may be slightly lighter depending on the flavor.

Labyrinth I started at 4% SA in a max vg mix that I SnV’d then put it in a dripper

Metaphor I started at 3.5% SA in a max vg mix also dripped. I am excited about this one I look forward to hearing what you think of it and if you get the same results !

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