New feature for searching for recipies

Hey everyone, first time checking out the forums. Looks like a great community, can’t wait to check everything else out more thoroughly. I’ve only been doing DIY for a little bit now but really enjoy it. It’s a huge money saver and become a bit of a hobby. I’ve been using the site and calculator quite a bit to make my own recipes (as I only had a small starter kit and limited flavors) but just recently I made a huge order of flavours and started branching out and trying other peoples recipes.

Like many people on this site I’m sure I mostly search for recipes for general ideas for what flavours go well together, as well as looking for exact recipes to duplicate. However, in looking around I find the search feature, though really good, is lacking slightly. I’m just wondering if anyone else thinks so too??

For example, I have Watermelon (TFA/TPA). First of all, there are almost 20 variations of this flavour. This is because it creates a new flavour everytime someone mistypes it (ie. Watermellon (TFA/TPA)), removes the brackets (Watermelon TFA/TPA), or even changes the direction of the slash (Watermelon (TFA\TPA)). In my honest opinion, this creates a few problems. As everyone can imagine, this creates a redundant and convoluted list of flavours, that should really all be consolidated into one flavour.

Watermelon (TFA/TPA)
Watermelon (TFA\TPA)
Watermelon TFA/TPA
Water Melon (TFA\TPA)
Etc, etc,etc,etc

should all be just Watermelon (TFA/TPA).

The problem THAT creates, is when searching for a recipe, you may miss out on many (and I mean many) good recipes, all because someone has a different style of punching in the flavour name when making them.

Now, I’m sure I’m not the only or first person to notice this and wonder if it can be changed, so I guess I’m just wondering out loud, can it? Has anyone found, or thought of a way to contravene this? Could someone go about the monumental task of consolidating all the countless “typo flavours” or even just come up with a standardized approach to naming them?

Also, and I apologize if this should be in a separate post, but could there ever potentially be a way of just searching for general flavours? I would love to see a feature that you could just type “Watermelon” into the search field and it would come up with recipes that have all brands of watermelon flavouring, not just Capella or TFA/TPA watermelon. I just think it would create a more comprehensive list when searching and obviously, encourage a lot more mixing of ideas and potions to get the ol’ brain thinking about different concoctions.

I guess I’m just curious on everyone’s thoughts on this subject :grin:. Have a good day everyone!

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That is something our mods work on daily. That is the challenge when you open the pathway for input. Sadly people don’t always take care on their put or could care less. But atleast the data is there

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Absolutely agree. I am glad the data is there and agree opening the pathway for input is important and necessary and also recognize hazards of allowing this. Just wondering if there are changes that could be made to the system or the way we go about inputting the data that could make it more efficient. Didn’t realize the mods have a hand in consolidating the redundant flavours to that’s a step in the right direction! I would certainly be interested in helping to do that as I’m sure it’s fairly monotonous.

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As for the “standardized naming” issue, this is something some of us have helped battle against for quite a while. There is a way for you to help, and that’s by submitting duplicates (or misnamed/typos/etc.) for revision/merge. The downside is, occasionally notes are lost from anything that wasn’t in the “properly named” flavor, that all others were merged from. It’s supposed to include notes in the merge by design, but it’s been a known, and recurring glitch.

I’m on my phone, or I’d do a breakdown pictorial of how to do so for you. But if you search the forum for “duplicate flavors” (or similar), I’m sure you’ll find it’s been brought up before.

This is already an available search feature. Just type in the flavor (or flavors ie: watermelon, strawberry, cream) separated by a comma, but don’t add a brand. :wink:


Cool Sprkslfly, I wasn’t aware there was a way to submit duplicates.

I did a quick search but only found earlier posts and none explain how to do this so when you get that info it would be really helpful!

On the recipe side, you start at:

User > Duplicate Checker

Then key in the flavor you want to narrow down.

Or just bookmark this:

It’s pretty straight forward from there. But holler if you need additional help. =)

“My Suggestions” simply tracks your history of suggested mergers.(ie: what was accepted, and what wasn’t)


Awesome. I’ll be on that like a dirty shirt. I just wonder if there is a more effective way of doing this. Perhaps a set list of flavours that only mods can add to? And if we wanted new ones added we could request them? I get that that would be work on the mods part, but it must be better than constantly having to mark duplicates and update the lists until the end of time…