New flavor brands ...the Truth

I kinda had my suspicions for a while now… But i took this from a retailers website

PURILUM FLAVORS - Our River Flavors were initially something we slowly wanted to start offering. The first few flavors we created were not built from scratch, in other words from a “molecular level.” To be honest, this bothered us. We realized that what we were doing wasn’t that impressive. Going through this process made us realize that a majority of the businesses in this industry, claiming to manufacture their own flavors, couldn’t possibly be doing what they were saying. Now, where does Purilum fit into all of this? Purilum is a company we have been working very closely with for a long time. They have an extremely large and sophisticated flavor house in North Carolina. You can check out a video of there business HERE
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But you could look up Nicotine River

Your suspicions of what exactly

That all these new companies arent making flavours…theyre just mixing up flavours that already exist and made by the legit ground up makers

I’m not an expert by any means but I thought the flavors do exist anyway. The trick was to make them available in a solution that works for vaping. For example you may have a very pure flavor concentrate but it won’t work on its own and tastes awful. It needs some kind of helper chemicals or flavors to help it actually work. Or they could be too concentrated so you have to stretch them with PG or something to have it in a form that’s usable.
I also think that some flavors just don’t work very well for vaping. There is a huge variety of vanillas, creams and fruits but barely any good and easy chocolate flavors. And that’s where the skill of the manufacturers comes in. To make existing flavorings available in a form that works for vaping.

I think that most of American flavors vendors buy there scents from a few similar Flavor Houses this link shows a large number of flavor supplies however only a handful have I heard of like Mother Murphy’s ( located in Greensboro , NC ) this company supplies FLV there flavors and then FLV makes adjustments from there…if I recall correctly from Brendan the owner of FLV said this when they first launched their line. Mother Murphy’s is prob one of the oldest lines and therefore many concentrates can take on likeness if they are derived from the original molecule.

I don’t see an issue w/ it. If Mother Murphy allows them to reproduce and recreate another flavor out of the original ( whatever the real term is called idk my mind has went blank on this ) it seems this is the norm.
I think the word is reformulate.


Google “docs flavoring” this will yield a spreadsheet of suppliers and lists where the rebranded ones where original sourced from. A grain of salt of course as this does not account for “reformulations” . I have suspected the same thing of many flavors. Hate to think im adding concentrate A which contains a small portion of concentrate B then adding concentrate B as well. Messes with %s but once familiar with our flavors after SF testing i guess it makes little difference. An example is OOO wildberry skittles very similiar “berry” flavor to VZ wildberries. I need to use like 12-15% of the OOO but then need to add VZ wilberries at just .25% as a boost. As many of the SC like VZ, SC,FE,Bakers are said to be of Chineze original my thinking is as Amy said maybe the original flavors are sourced from same place and modified to a desired end. Thought about contacting mother murpheys directly and ousting certain middle men but for now its just an idea

A food tech friend of mine gave me some flavour samples from a company called sensient- I googled them and they are a global flavour manufacturer, huge. I would guess most flavour companies would get their flavours from a company like that and make mixes from that.

I don’t know for sure though, but it’s my guess there are probably 2 or 3 main manufacturers and everyone gets from them. Then there will be companies that are small manufacturers doing it themselves.

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My car is a Suzuki but Im pretty sure that the company don't make all of the parts that go into it, but thats OK it does what I want of it.
What I don’t like is the notion that some resellers may be buying flavours in bulk, adding a little pg and rebottling it as own brand. It cant be coincidence that factory sealed proprietary flavours are more concentrated than rebranded flavours that come in generic bottles

Thanks…it was just food for thought when buying flavours. Like Cappella’s stevia line… Its their Flavours with Stevia added… I could be wrong…but my common sense brain tells me they’re just trying to maximize profit…nothing wrong with that… I try to stay away from sweeteners anyway… Im sure there’s enough in some of the the flavors already… I can smell the EM in Caps Strawberry and Cream…every time I vape a recipe with that in it…someone says they smell cotton candy…cheers…have a great 2017 all