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NEW Flavorah flavors 2019!


the smoothie tastes kind of like a candy


Im only picking up sweet… not much candy, more like sugar than sweetener… it’s just odd…
I want to say it is me… but I dont think so at this rate…


I’ll have to test on its own. I only did a knuckle test of it.
let’s see what steeping brings to the table :blush:


I ran smoothie from .2% up to 2% notes are here and on my site…

I think for today I am on my peppermint only… and my huge jug of water…
I dont think it is my diet… I stay well hydrated… Im just dang puzzled.

In fact I have approximately 160 10ml glass bottles and ran all sixteen flavors from .2% to 2% on a 12ft by 4 ft table, well marked… Im so puzzled


puzzled on the smoothie base. yea it smells sort of lemony. I’m curious to see what it will do in a few days. you know how a touch of lemon brightens and freshens up fruit? maybe it will do that? idk
I’m really loving the black currant and jammy berry! I love the sweet n tart of them together :heart_eyes:
you’ve been busy!! :blush::blush:


I will give the fruits their due… but at 2% and up lol… laughs
but that base… :octopus: i keep thinking maybe it will like mushroom to something… its only been 12 hours… who knows… I have a few more days to wait and see how it turns… :stuck_out_tongue:

busy isnt the word lol… I dropped my guitars to play with the flavors… and now I think I need some slow blues to chill out with my peppermint… here I am all grumbly on a chill Saturday morning…


awesome! I’ve always wanted to give guitars a go! do you have any skits of you playing? sounds more fun than mixing right now


Im only learning now… I build and play a bit, no vids yet…
I have an amazing lap steel too :slight_smile:


Update: I added a note for my Mt Dew recipe… will be toying with that one to get it a lot better…
Hard for me to put this into words but will try… These flavors might just be growing in strength?? I think at least the sodas… not sure on the rest yet… have not taste tested today (the solos I made and the first few recipes for the new flavors…) putting it all off till tomorrow.


New recipe:


A lot of the new flavors, to me… seem to grow. I have had to cut down a few recipes this afternoon… and this is even from me starting low to high… so be careful. I also believe that these do much better with a mtl type base. Find it odd… flavors for mtl… they seem to get washed out when I use max vg… and a sub ohm tank… Not sure if it is just me or??


I only have one mod and atomizer combo to test all new flavors with. So it makes my process slower, but it also gives the flavors time to sit so I get a better idea of how they last in the long run.
I will be posting my customary results in my flavor database as well as on this thread. I can’t wait to share some knowledge with all of you.
Edit, I didn’t mean to specifically reply to your post @SmokyBlue My bad.


Eh… it’s been so lonely here @Laura5 :stuck_out_tongue:
No worries…


First first time I’ve mixed and like an all fruit juice. wow the honeydew is fabulous!
Honeydew Blossom
http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2961768/honeydew blossom %23Flavorah


haha!! @Jazzy_girl… looks good… and yeah that honeydew melon! Hot diggity!! :slight_smile:

What do you really think of the fruits in this batch? How are you finding them?

Me…The drinks are just non stop good, and that tobacco… I have run it from .4% which is really light… up to 2.5% I made an ry4 with it that is just beautiful <3 still issue with both bases… but perhaps it is just me?? who knows?!! :slight_smile:


I’m moving a little slower than you. oh I’m looking forward to the tobacco!! it smells amazing! I hope its just as tasty! I’ll be mixing that one today. so far I’m really liking the flavors tho! I’m a big fan of #Flavorah for sure!!!
I’d like to mix your drink up tho! it looks great


Im slowing down here… taking a break today and getting all my drippers and tanks ready for round 3… a lot of my flavors I am having to adjust… and now I am only down to the bases, those two… just not sure of… Rose… I find keeping it super simple is the best, over 2% which I am still in shock… it could be me, who knows? but that tobacco! :wink:

I do love my drinks… I have a few thousand already dancing in my head! Love my @Flavorah!! :smile:

I am still not ready to crank out my notes on these, altho I have a ton of paper notes, will try to include all the details I have been trying to wrap up in my head… Sometimes the tongue does play tricks :stuck_out_tongue:


that’s for sure! I learned if I back off of it for awhile and come back it helps alot. this honeydew melon really tamed down and is like a mouthful of summer :wink:
gonna mix up your soda today when I get home


Yeah that honeydew melon, I can see shortages of it right now… There is nothing else out there that tastes that good!!! even if we are using it a touch higher than normal, omg… I have some wicked ideas with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Df let me know what you think of the mt dew… Im vaping it right now… seems perfect after an overnight sit… thinking on popping in some cherries next time… bet it’d be an awesome base for my Shirley temple I have… :smile:

all of the fruits this round are just gorgeous!!! :slight_smile:


oh my goodness a Shirley temple sounds fantastic!!
yes I agree the fruits are really lovely this time :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I’m actually loving this batch of flavors. I haven’t tried a few yet but so far very very high quality concentrates!!
I mixed up you mt dew but added a touch of cream. very nice!


Will be tinkering again tomorrow, I have a few other ideas too!


I bet the cola and citrus soda will be sweet in this… will redo it in the morning :smile:

I agree… frosted Mt Dew is fab! :smiley: I still stand that this batch is different, but it should provide an easier way to mix flavors for those new to flavorah…