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NEW Flavorah flavors 2019!


Drops for thought…

if anyone is struggling with the Bar Back Bitters… remember this:

try it with only 1-3 drops per 30ml…
It has enhanced the strawberry lime margarita I have going on… it wont taste like much as all… but it is an enhancer flavor… use sparingly!

I will be releasing a few recipes for it… tonight, it is very nice! <3


After 2 days… I have to say this is just tasty!! I could add in some coconut, but so far, it’s good…
the citrus is a bit more noticeable, perhaps pineapple could comedown a hair, maybe add in some raspberry to make the strawberry even better… but overall, if this is what the bitters do, I like it!



have you done anything with the starch yet?


Just got this email:


Ugh. You folks are killing me here!
Nice post.


yea, im making a shopping list now…not that I need it


Not my fav… I should have kept it really simple… but I can taste something funky going on in there… this is the second rendition, first one I was too high on mango and sb… starch base will grow and gain like hard to believe, but like a gloss, and the “starch/rice” to me grows a bit stronger… I can see this in cheesecakes, pretzels, fruits and even tobaccos… odd… and I need more… I am almost out of flavors!



Hello starch-based! How are you?
Damn good, that’s what you are!
This one has an incredible smell. When I opened bottle it was very yeasty and reminded me of fresh-baked rolls. Upon inhale I get nutty undertones, buttery and sweet with a raw bitterness. It has hints of milk and honey. This flavor would pair well with nuts, creams, breads and other bakery recipes.
Edit: all of these new flavors are tested at 2%, which is only because it is a middle ground for flavorah flavors. Most of them will obviously be better or worse at 2% but I like to keep it streamlined.


Keep it on the low… 1% is good… .6-.8% might even be better, as I found out it does “grow”… 2% is way too much in this and even my 1% mix I have is like wow!!! I do like how it mingles with the mango in my recipe… but I could go even lower with it… I will have to comeback to it in a few days and do some final adjusting… :slight_smile:


Yeah, I did do an edit on my previous post. But I can see how this one would manifest over time.


Great notes @SmokyBlue. Thanks very much for sharing these.


More than welcome @SessionDrummer :slight_smile:
I kind of slacked off a bit this weekend… but do not think I am not tinkering…

New recipe here I am trying out and again with the smoothie base… keep hoping I toss it around it might do something for me… not sure what is up… could just be me… who knows??


Finally!! Pink fruit figured out… try this one and see how you think it rolls…
I think I like it right here as a base for the watermelon candy. with the cotton candy, mm van and cream… perfection! Its not your normal jolly rancher, I think a touch of pucker, 1-3 drops in 30, might bring out a bit of tart… but if pucker won’t work for you, try a combo of malic and citric acid, .2% each… :wink:


Damn you! I was thinking that it will taste like white rice, after reading starch base, or whatever potato that’s out there.

Thinking I can ignore it since I have VTA rice base, which is literally cooked plain white rice!

Now that you mentioned baked roll, I have to put it on my list :frowning: thank you for that lol :hugs:

So it’s more like (fa) joy, and (fa) zeppola but better ? :wink:

Thank you smoky, jazzy and of course Laura for the notes. Looking forward too reading the updates in the next couple of days.


I get a light grain like a rice in certain amounts… then I get a glossy (really hard to explain!!!) bready yeasty dough but not dough around 2% but… at .12% its used more like an additive, 3 days at 12% its hints… 5 days… its the light grainy cant really tell what… around .6% its coming in a bit better, still a what is this… blends nicely with mango… :smiley: lacks cream or pudding… but once added in… oh yes… def a must have to play with, @eStorm

I think i might have had a few off days testing, so expect other notes to come out later this weekend. Not sure what was wrong with me, but all I can say is body chemistry is what I suspect. I know I have issues with my heart, and have a new Dr… appointment is coming soon. I know that certain drugs, even taking vitamins can throw off taste and smell… and pollen is here too now, go me!


Man, this one had me baffled. It took me the whole 10 mL to really get a fix on this thing. So here’s the skinny on smoothie base.

This is a very light flavor even though I tested it at 2%. When I opened the container of juice, It smelled strongly of orange cream. The inhale offers light citrus notes, not tangy just a sweet citrus flavor. I also taste a tartness, perhaps some lemon? There is a exotic quality to this flavor. By this I mean something similar to the soursop or cherimoya that this line offers. None of these individual flavors are overwhelming but they blend really nicely. I do believe this would make an excellent base to a smoothie or drink mix.


Okay, I haven’t fully got a bead on the jammy berry. But wowzers. I already have ideas. Maybe add blueberry, raspberry and some type of melon? Maybe the honeydew. (Also haven’t tested)
Who’s tested this??? What’s your opinions???


Apparently I like it a lot! :stuck_out_tongue: the recipes so far…


Definitely not happy with the mango rice pudding… but have put it off to toy with later.
The rest did not last me a week and I need to make more… :joy:


Hi @SmokyBlue . Just curious how these are steeping out after a couple of weeks. Are you still feeling the need to up your percentages or are they ramping up with time?


some of them, example: Starch base and citrus soda, for me, grow… so scale back to 1% and under with them… I still can not fully grasp smoothie base, but I think it might be a body chemistry thing, perhaps… the rest… from .4% and up will work nicely…

I still love the sweet and smoky tobacco at 1.5% but it can be used from .6% up to around 2%… any higher and that plum will twerk your nose! :slight_smile:

I really love both the tequila and the gin… and I have had to replace all of my flavors already… I do suggest to still… start low and find your own spots with these flavors… I know they will effect us all in different ways…

Please do not jack the cola up… my 2% cola was actually getting more sugary and at least to me, was fading after a week… I saw someone had used it at 7% already and it’s just not needed… :slight_smile: