New flavour manufacturer? Or not?

Has anyone used these flavours by Flavour Factory.

Fantastic price so am wondering whether they are any good. They are marked intense so i am hopeful and there are some interesting flavours also. I am in France so the above link is the French amazon site and they’re marked as 4€ per 100ml…Crazy price!!

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On the side of the bottle it says cupcake world so it is not new. The prices on cupcake world are higher but I can’t find anything on there about the ingredients.
It’s specifically marketed for baking so it might contain ingredients that are not suitable for inhalation.

Maybe you can drop them a line before you spend your money on something that turns out to be unvapable.


"Within the EU it is not currently legal for sellers/producers to state that any item/ingredient is ‘safe to vape’ as the EU has not yet announced whether they yet consider vaping to be safe. We have a great deal of feedback from vapers who use these flavourings and carry out their own research to determine what is ‘safe to vape’ "

**the following flavours contain oil:**

Flavours containing oil are:
Bucks Fizz
Hot Toddy
Lemon & Violet Shortbread
Lemon Cheesecake
Lemon Lime
Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon Sherbet
St Clements
Tutti Fruitti

Prices on Ama*on UK/FR/DE vary a lot—
Reviews i have seen are either one star or a few 5stars.


I couldn’t find any reviews but since posting I have discovered that they are a subsidiary of cupcake flavours. I’d still be interested to get feedback from someone whose tried them.

I just found an offer for 50 x 28.5ml bottles for 100£ Here is a link…

This is too good to not look into further.

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go Amazon UK/FR/DE for reviews.


ELR lets reinvent the wheel


Yes…I will ask. I’ve now read some reviews and it seems that the strengths vary a lot across flavours so some are probably worth it and others not…still feel it’s going to be worth getting a few of the right ones as they are such a good deal!!


Chefs sell most of the Cupcake World range relabelled as ‘Chefs Choice’ - currently at £2.50 / 30ml.