New flavour thinking of mixing

I was just sitting here thinking about it and I mistaken that flavor. I believe its the TFA FV v2. Darn I may have ordered the wrong flavor ugggh. So many different vendors and flavors. I got mixed up lol

Capella uses the V1 and V2 notation, where V1 is the regular with diketones and stuff and V2 should be the clean or safer flavor. TFA uses the DX notation for the same purpose of indicating that it’s the clean or safe version of the flavor without the DX notation.

With both suppliers, V2 and DX are usually the flavors that people like the least. Sometimes they get close to the original flavor but that’s not generally the rule. Before you buy DX or V2 flavors, do some reading or you might get disappointed.


Thank you for clarifying this. I had incorrectly assumed that “DX” meant “double strength”… too lazy to research :sweat_smile:


Thank you for clearing that up. That helps

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