New flavour thinking of mixing

new flavour thinking of mixing whats your thorghts guys ?all input welcome :):sunglasses:

Are we creating new flavor brands or are these new/foreign ones that i dont know of? I also noticed that u have known flavor brands that are listed incorrectly which trash the database even more. Dont mean to sound nasty but a lot of work goes into trying to clean it and keep it clean. If u cant find the flavor listed in drop down when adding to your stash then list it as : flavorname (brand)


first 2 are the flavors apprentice and the peach is flavors for less im try to mix the 3 flavors 2 gether
and what is listed incorrectly ?

Right on brother!

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Mango Peach Bubblegum. Sounds like it could work but have you tested your flavors individually? Doing that gives you a better idea of what will work and how much to use.

Also, your link takes me back to the general recipes page instead of your actual listing which means, unless I’m mistaken, it is marked as ‘private’.


I think a mandatory ‘walkthrough’ when you create a recipe as a new user would be a neat idea. Just a quick intro to show how to choose flavors from the drop down, and utilize stash and flavor lists correctly also. The recipes lately are inundated with incorrectly labeled flavors, more so than usual. (PS this was not aimed at @tbw_vape_juices, this was just an idea I had at the beginning of last week).


what have i got incorrectly labeled ?

Oh not you silly, I meant alot of the new recipes on the recipe side of the site (I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make it sound like that was aimed at you).


okay lol i new to all this tbh i mixed this up and tbf its really not bad at all the bubblegum could be a bit stronger tho

@Silhouette iv just started all this so any pointers and tips shot them across :blush::blush:

Indeed, I’ve seen quite a few new users lately who weren’t even aware of and the pinned threads in the forum e-liquids > beginners

If you guide people to them, they’re usually quite happy because most of their questions are all answered right there.

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Looks to me like it’s got way too much flavor %, but that depends a bit on which device you vape on as well…
If you tried it and liked it, that’s all that matters.


First i would like to apologize to @tbw_vape_juices , When i was a new at mixing, new at vaping, new to this community and trying to better my life w/o smoking, the last thing i needed was someone to jump down my neck if i did something wrong. I assumed since you are new this week to the community when i saw an unknown brand, that it was made up for whatever reason. I should have directed you to threads for information about how to use the site properly.
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A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes
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@Silhouette I think that’s a great idea for new users. I’ve been here about 7 ish months. I hope I’m doing it correctly. Oh not to hack the link but I finally ordered that French vanilla v2 yesterday


is that capellas? i wish i would have known i believe i have it and will never use it i could have shipped to you

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Yes ots Cap. Oh thats really kind of you:). Thank u fidalgo. I ordered a small one to see if I like it first. Maybe if I do like it, we could trade flavors. I have some that are popular that I dont use


NP ill double check to see if i still have it , i really need to go through my flaves and omit some ive given away and add others i havent yet


Looks like it could be good, your %s look good to me