New FlavourArt emotions and artist's touch @ DIY Vapor Supply

I’m a huge fan of FA and some of these new concentrates are phenomenal!

Get them here:

Euphoria : When the freshness of citrus is married with the harmony of exotic fruit and soft tobacco notes, a positively beautiful flavour emerges.

Metaphor : If you love sweets but like a slightly sharp note to balance the taste, Metaphor is made for you. A light and crispy cream cake with vanilla and citrus fruits … a genie in a bottle.

Labyrinth : Sponge cake, vanilla, caramel and a host of fruity notes … a real labyrinth of flavours to explore forever!

UP : A Vibrant dessert of coffee, cream and cereals. UP, pure energy for your senses.

Morning Sun : A milky flavor carefully blended with the sweetness of freshly cut fruit … the perfect continental all day breakfast!

wOw : Tantalise your tastebuds with the unmistakable flavour of fried donut wrapped around a deliciously fruity red filling and… sugar topping!

Cocoon : Our interpretation of the moment when the warm embrace of the caramel melds with the sweetness of the apple, another amazing fairground flavor.


I just got in wow FA. I’m going mix it solo with a dash of rassberry FA, twist of ripe strawberry tpa, undertone of cream. I can’t wait


I’ve got some Metaphor on the way. Sounds delightful!


Yep. Just whipped up the first test batches here as well! =D

Labyrinth, Metaphor, Nonna’s Cake (old I know), and Wow… all running 2% and 4% tests. 2nd group is in the UC as I type this!


I paricularly have been enjoying a mixture of cocoon, wOw & Joy but I have Joy diluted at 1:10 ratio and have been using it at different ratios anywhere from 1 drop to 2% all over the place really it’s a nice profile lifts a lot of the breadiness off the flavor and I’m getting much more of a sweetness, Anyhow the cocoon is a wonderful bold caramel apple and then the cakey donut from wOw w/ the powdered sugary accent has been a nice bakery overall.

Unfortunately it was a frankenvape…I had those 3 mixed and liked them very much and then I had some Funnel cake solo mixed up at 8% so I combined them all together and it’s heavenly but I’d have to sit down and write up a recipe and run a test batch to really get the correct %s down to replicate it. Point i’m getting to is these are some really good flavors. :wink: