New Formaldehyde study

Remember that BS formaldehyde study using the CE4 at ridiculous voltage levels for the device? Well here is a new study using more modern tanks.

Link to full study

Link to article that puts it into words that the layperson can understand.

If you are using a modern tank just keep your daily vape liquid intake to under 400ml/day and you have nothing to worry about, from formaldehyde at least. Interesting to see that high powered tanks and devices pump out so much less formaldehyde than older generation tanks tho it shouldnt be surprising as the cooling, air flow, is much improved.


I dunno Ken…I think it’s gonna be really hard for me to do that. I mean, I vape at least 800ml of liquid a day. That’d be cutting my vaping to half! :wink:

In all seriousness, good stuff to know! Thanks for sharing that.


Yeah, I go through 10ml in a single puff. My desk at work can only be seen for a few brief seconds between the puffs. Hehe. The first part isn’t really true lol.


Oh boy. That means I can vape 350ml safely. Yay


Nice to see follow up studies, that is how science is supposed to work.


I read some of this study did you notice the higher the wattage and the lower the ohms the less amount of Formaldehyde there was. Also they use 48% VG/PG and 2% nic so that is 20 mg/ml. They didn’t use any flavoring. So we have no idea what the flavor would do if it would cause more or less and which cause more or less. They have a lot more work today but it is going in the right direction.


Thanks Ken for the Link ! It was an interesting read. Glad I don’t use a CE4 anymore and didn’t for very long.


I did find the power finding interesting. Perhaps because of a need for better air flow in higher wattage lower resistance devices. The lack of flavoring i assume is because this was a baseline study, i do hope that they continue to study this for us as so very few use just VG tho there are some.

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