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New health claims?


Maybe you developed a sensitivity to pg? I know Some vapers complained about this. Try lowering your pg %age or use max vg whenever possible, maybe?


Hi Dave, and everyone else. Many years ago when I smoked cigarettes I had issues with reflux. My doctor at the time explained that my eusophagus has become lazy because of nicotine coating it. For some years I never smoked anything and I rarely got reflux, I begun smoking again then to switch to vaping, I still experience reflux, some juices make it worse. Conclusion is smoking anything will coat the wind pipe and for some allow stomach fluid to get past the little flap. I find by sipping water constantly keeps my issues at bay, some days I need Zantac.


Nope. Nothing I didn’t have previously to vaping.


I have allergies. A lot of allergies. Like my allergist said I should move to another planet kind of allergies. No food allergies, but pretty much everything else. When I smoked I used an inhaler because I seemed asthmatic. Since I quit smoking and watch what I vape, I no longer need an inhaler. I only end up wheezing when I vape flavorings I am allergic to, or contain DAAP or sucralose. I find I’m pretty much allergic to the entire Wonder Flavours line, which kinda sucks cause a lot of them are quite good. But there is something in every single one I try that causes me wheezing, itchy hands and eyes and mouth. A lot of recipes I release for the public I can’t vape beyond a few puffs to test that it turns out the way I wanted, because I am so sensitive to so many things. Many of FLV’s flavors make me wheezy. Most of CAPs. Many of TFAs. Most of RFs. I pretty much just vape FlavourArt flavors in my daily vaping because most of them don’t cause wheezing for me, though a few do that are bakeries and I don’t vape them. I never vape sucralose, though I would love to. lol

So yes, vaping some things can bother some people. Generally it’s people who already have allergies, but non allergy people can also be sensitive to things like DAAP and sucralose and other random molecules used in flavorings. Many people can vape everything and have no ill effect. So it really just depends on the person and being observant to what you are vaping on, single flavor test flavors when you mix a recipe that causes you to wheeze cause it could just be one offending flavor, or several. Avoid the ones that cause you problems.