New here an the DIY thing any help would be great

So im new to all this and found this site due to the Tattooed Vapor you tube video. My questions pertain to recipes are there some easy one’s on here that i can start with or are thy all private? I guess i will start there… thank you all for having me.


There are many quick and easy recipes. My advice is to put all of your flavorings into ‘My Flavor Stash’ , then click on the ‘What Can I Make’ to see all of the recipes available.


Ok i will try that once i figure out how to add them lol

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Howdy Fishingfreak, & welcome aboard!!
Your first stop oughta be the “beginners” sub-catagory of the “E-liquids” category. Theres a wealth of info in there for the DIY noob…
With regrds to easy recepies… there will be plenty but it just depends on what flavors you’ve got in your stash. But hey, Alisa’s just covered that.
Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question 'round here.[quote=“Fishingfreak, post:3, topic:42220”]
once i figure out how to add them lol
[/quote]At the top right corner of the page, click on My page > user > my flavor stash


Sweet thank you i have added my flavors now off to the beginner page… haha


That is a very good read. I have read through it twice and will probably browse through it again this weekend. Follow all of the links in all the pages because they were put there for good reason. You will come away with a very good understanding of many things. And you will be better informed to know what questions to ask next! Welcome to the site!


Welcome aboard … for diy questions, you have come to the right place. Great, knowledgeable members here that share wonderful info as well as wonderful recipes. I think you will enjoy your stay.


I suggest to use the search function on the recipe side and try and find a few recipes of juices you like now and mix them using a “clone” recipe.This will let you start with flavor profiles that you are familiar with as well as help you get started right off the bat with a good vape able creation.I know this has helped me a bunch to see not only what flavor profiles go together but also what brand flavorings will work together.
I think you will like the site and you will find the people here are eager to help you learn.


Morning… So there is a vast amount of stuff to read in the “beginner” sub category i read through alot last night an im pretty sure that i forgot most of it already so i will be reading it many time’s in the future… Thank you so much i wasn’t sure about this site but there are alot of great friendly people here so far!


Everybody hit the major points. The couple sticky threads at the top of the beginners section I good.

As for advice. Just plan and research your recipies prior to mixing. Look at flavor reviews, single flavor mix percentages vs average percent in recipies. Start simple…a lot of folks recommend just trying single flavor recipies just to see how your concentrates taste as per your preferences. Then transition to recipies that call for 2-4 flavors…a lot of great juices taste awesome with just acouple flavors.

I wouldn’t recommend jumping to recipies with 6-10 flavors until you know your taste preferences. We all find we have likes and dislikes and that recipie everyone raves about it great but you may need to lower a percentage of one flavor or another. For me, cinnamon and peppermint. I have to always cut the percentage in half or more because they are too strong for me and take away the intended flavor profile of the finished product…but they are required because it helps carry the over all flavor.

Welcome to the club. Hope this help.


Good, solid advice! Ditto!

Also get a big fat note book and take notes when making notes highlight any questions you may have . and come back and ask your not alone. In this.

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Lol i have 3 note book’s going right now that was the one tip i was given early so i write down everything i do… im struggling with the % of flavors but slowly getting it down.

The best tip you can have is test your flavors standalone to get to know exactly the difference between them. If you jump right in with multiple flavors and don’t like the end result it will be oh so easier to pin down the flavor thats off. I know it seems boring with all the mixes with multiple notes, BUT in the end if you dont do it you will end up wasting flavors. And lastly mix like there is no tomorrow sometimes it cant take up to 10 versions of one profile to be what you want be patient!


I second what @Ohm_Sweet_Ohm said. It’s advice I wish I would have followed when I was first starting out and my stash wasn’t quite so overwhelming. It’s a lot easier to test 20 flavors as stand-alones and then keep up with testing any new ones then it is to go back and test 200 flavors and still keep up with new ones. It helps give you an idea what percentages it takes to get what you’re looking for out of a flavor. For example, if I know some flavor is really good as a standalone at 5%, I might use it as a mixer somewhere around 2-3%. If it’s kind of weak at 5%, 5% might be a good place for a complex mix, but it’d need to be higher for a 1-2 flavor mix.

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Yuuuup . another thing to do is use the star rating on recipes . use what can I make . then when the list of recipes comes up touch the ratings thing at the top and it will arrange them by rating.try out the sucker punch clone . super easy two flavor mix that’s a shake and vape. Not to toot my own horn but my dragons kiss is also crazy good and its a shake and vape.happy mixing bro

OK one more tip and I’ll stop check out the simple vs complex thread ,bunch of yummy ones on there too.

Ok so im trying to test my flavors “standalone” what is the best way to go about this? I have been making 5ml batchs with no nic an starting at 1% but not going over 10% then i vap on it for a few just to give me time to taste it an give a good :+1::-1: on it…

At the moment, I do 3ml test batches at the percent recommended in the Flavor Details page on ELR or based on my own experience as to what % I think is needed. Most of the FA, Inawera, and Flavorah line I do at 2-3%. TPA, FW, and Capella, unless I find otherwise, I do at 5-7%. I test them shake and vape and then once a week for four weeks or until the 3ml runs out. I make notes about what I think about it, too strong, too weak, etc. I’m planning on doing 5mls from now on, though, as I usually run out before 4 weeks is up. :slightly_smiling:

Ok so keeping it for a few week’s is a good idea? Now im a dripper so iv been vaping with the same cotton between batchs iv found it to work good but didn’t know what yall do while testing batchs?