New here, need help/advice: how to test

Hi gang, I recently quit smoking (8 days and going strong) and am vaping full time. I got off the smokes with an Innokin T-18, since I read that was good for quitting smoking, but two days later I bought an Smok Alien with a Cloud Beast and I love it, love love love it. I am just plowing through juice, which I am fine with for now because I just wanted to quit smoking however I needed to do it.

But I will want to mix my own juice and I’m wonder how you test your brews? I buy everything premade, and don’t think I want to waste my coils, that could get expensive. I didn’t want any obstacles that would lead me to start smoking again, I just wanted it to be easy so I didn’t learn how to build anything, which must be much cheaper.

How should I test stuff without wasting coils?

Thanks for any advice in advance!


Get an inexpensive RDA and use it for flavor testing. Watch lots of Youtube videos for wicking tutorials.

I am very happy with this RDA from My Vapor Store.

Buy coils from AVS

Organic Cotton form Ebay


Thanks! I guess I might as well start up another habit!


The money saved in DIYing your juice will pay for this stuff very quickly. Consider it an investment in your life. :wink:


Yea. A new habit for sure. But if your smart about it and don’t over spend…making coils yourself will be cheaper over time. At least when compared to buying a four pack of coils.


A spool of wire lasts me around 6 months, and compared to buying pre-built coils every few weeks, or even pre-made coils, the savings are pretty substantial. Louisquared had it right, test on an RDA that you can just whip some new cotton on, and just clean and reuse the coil.