New Hobbies - Tell your Story!

I have a new hobby my husband will likely want to kill me for but there’s no sense in doing something unless you are going to do it right, right? (DIY vape mixers understand the need for doing things right and buying everything possible to enhance the experience)

So my new hobby is going to second hand stores, finding very comfortable old coats in good condition for about 4-5 bucks and then sewing appliques in a themed and artistic fashion on the coats.

I’m a camping enthusiast so my first theme is obviously the old VW conversion bus sewn on fleece. I also put butterflies on the hoodie so when I wear the hoodie it looks like I have butterflies stuck to my head.

(I know I’m crazy but this seems like a crazy hobby and campers are lunatics) This jacket will go in the camper and stay there.

My next project is this extremely cool all polyester black jacket I found in mint condition but had a tech logo on it. I have to cover up the logo so I bought large embroidered appliques with tigers. (Korean protective type of Tigers not the evil killer kind of motif)

And then my project after that will be this old beat to death denim jacket I found which I will cover with chameleons and plants.

I’m all excited, it’s re-using old clothing, giving to charity and a couple of Chinese embroidery ebay sellers were very happy to get my orders :slight_smile:


I don’t really have a new hobby… but, my wife does. She’s making her own kombucha now… Holy Moly!!! That stuff is the nectar of the Gods! She was a pro on her first batch and it’s only getting better with subsequent batches…

She is also discovering… better living through essential oils. It’s amazing how much we poison ourselves and our loved ones with “off the shelf” crap! :scream:


Awww cool! I seriously thought about using it, but not making it because I would screw it up lol.

My step-daughter is very into making her own bone broth. She goes to the butcher and she swears by it!


Kombucha is very easy to make @Maureeenie no way you’d screw that up. Add some raspberries or strawberries before the final bottling and whooopey!! Delicious!


Yuuuum, I used to make kombucha and raspberry was my favorite.


Welp… my wife’s kombucha is getting better and better with every new batch!

Plus, she has allowed me to use her essential oils to make a “Cat Be Gone” mix! Just wet some cotton balls with the stuff, leave them around where the cats stray and BAM! No more ferrel (or neighbor) cats to be found anywhere! :scream_cat: Nothing worse than everything on your patio being covered in cat piss/musk!

I never knew that cats hate the smell of lavender! Awesome stuff! :skull_and_crossbones:


Old hobby renewed with new purpose. Woodworking. Atty rack. Two tone. Ebony and Gunstock.


That’s Cool!

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Tanks! I got to play with my radial saw, table saw, table router, plunge router, and sander. Banner day for this boy and his toys. Now I just have to go play with my vacuum. Maybe tomorrow:wink:


The vape mixing hobby became all consuming for a while. Still can’t figure out why… maybe someone here can tell me how this happens. (ha ha ha lol)


I get that. I’m always thinking about the next mix I want to put together but I’m not intuitive enough to just be original. I still need something that I like to start with. Time to drop by my favorite B&M and browse through their e-juice book to get some hints on where to start.