New home made coils

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Just rebuilt the Azoth RTA with a dual 3.5 mm coil parallel build that I made myself. One of the coils are a little wonky but second coil came out great IMO. 24 gauge Kanthal dual core for 6 wraps or is it 7 hmm! Lol… which is actually 12 per side for total of 24 wraps in what is like 4 coils … phew…ohm out at .23 ohm… been meaning to make them for two weeks since I saw Rip tripper make them. I like em! Sick as tits!
What wattage would anyone say these would be rated and ideal for?
I’m burning them presently at 83 watts and it’s smooth then starting to heat up towards end.

Let me know what everyone thinks of them.


This build is kickin’ at 98 watts … whooooo eeee! This build is actually .210 ohm.


How long til it ramps up?

About 2 seconds but lots of vopour