New Ipv4 Mod

Hey Guys,
Just got my Ni200 wire in the mail today and promptly put a build in my mutation x.
I did a duel 12 wrap right at .15 ohm, after I got all the kinks worked out I set it to
40.0 joule @ 400 degrees. And all I can say is OMG, this is the most amazing thing
since sequential fuel injection. I flavor is off the hook and huge huge clouds. If there
is anyone out there that is on the fence about the iPV4 all I can say is DO IT. You will
not be disappointed.


Heads up for IPv4 owners. Those that are sloppy with their juice and over drip…Zzzzzzz…POW!


Holy Freakin Crap… That is not good.

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I think that’s maybe carelessness… I hope if i had juice running down my arm I’d stop dripping???

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I believe that carelessness is the cause there, but some folks can be non-observant about certain things.

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Seen it today and it freaked me out…

Also I uploaded this like ten mins before I seen the pic

They should have a rubber plug in there or something … that’s crazy …I have one of these on the way :dizzy_face:

Idk …it’s kinda like …just don’t b so sloppy??? I already know not to I mean it’s liquid and electricity??? Am I wrong?

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No your absolutely right ! But idiots need protection too ! Haha


Can some one help me with getting my ipv4 to work right?

Whats it doing wrong?

I have never used a mod or nickle wire before so that’s where I’m stuck at. Is there a easy build I can make?

Nickel wire is extremely low resistance so make sure you gain Knowledge about coil building and calculating and checking resistance before you try using your mod and builds. Think safety first and don’t rush into it.

I’m gonna link you with some coil build tutorials.

Things you need to know about bulding coils

How to build coils.

How to wick your coils.

How to mount coils.

it helps to space the wraps on ur coil also and connections have to be tight…do you have a subtank mini?

After using my ipv 4 and rebuilding it I find it works great at .o5/.11 only I am using .056 now it’s great any thing higher than .14 wast of time very confusing because the owners manual calls for. 05. /.1 might even reads the OCC kanger nickel nickel heads at. 08 to. 11


Yes, it did, I was just looking at their website today and they are the cheapest for the 25R’s I could find.

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looks awesome, I just got an ipv4s from and it works absolutely great.

@Jimk, @NewDrip, @quitter1, can anybody explain to a paranoid noob what they mean when they say the battery is not protected? Is there something I have to do before using them?

I’m sure there will be a few weighing in on this topic (perhaps a new thread in order), however, here is a little light reading for now…


Thanks for that Jim. Don’t think the exploding battery vids made me any less paranoid but I understand the difference between protected and unprotected. As a noob I thought you needed the protected ones but not so. I was going to get the Samsung INR18650-25R for my first venture into the ‘put your own batteries in’ mods. I guess I will be all right when I use them. As I said, I’m a bit paranoid. I’m very wary of things that can explode ever since I lived through a gas implosion when I was a lot younger. Scared the hell out of me.