New kit arrived

Hi all I’m new here… I’m 5 weeks new to vaping and am hooked. It allowed me to quit analogs cold turkey and never look back. I’m already on my 3rd device since starting out. My favorite mod is the Alien Smok with tfv4 tank that sucks juice like a fighter jet. With this in mind, I am interested in producing my own ejuices and have just purchased a starter kit from “”. Here is a list of the flavours I chose and am looking at making a coffee cream, and toasted rice marshmallow flavours to start. I am wondering if anyone has any more ideas on any more concoctions with the following ingredients?

Hazelnuts and Cream (WF)
Lotta Latte (OSDIY)
Marshmallow (FA)
Rice Crunchies (TPA)
Smooth Cappuccino Cream (WF)
Vienna Cream (FA)

I did check out the what can I make with this section but I cant find too many recipes with this combo.

Any Ideas woud be appreciated…I look forward to producing and sharing great recipes with this great community.

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i take it you like coffee type vapes ??? unfortunately thats not my cup of tea , but welcome to ELR

Thankyou fidalgo… I really enjoy marshmallow vape too but I’m new lol. Really like store bought coffee cream but way too much money… I’m sure I can nail this thanks to this great community.

I would try
Rice Crunchies 4%
Marshmallow 3%
Vienna Cream 1.5%
Hazelnuts and Cream 1.5%
70/30 vg/pg

Not sure how much nic you want but I think that recipe right there might be a good start at a Rice Crispy treat. Let me know what you think and how it vapes if you make it.


Thanks so much Henry4 for the recipe that will be definitely my first attempt, sounds perfect. Nimbus Subversion got me interested in the flavour but wasn’t quite what we were looking for. It’s gonna be great to be able to tweek it to perfection.

Coffee Cream is going to be next, we are really loving that flavour, sooo creamy on exhale with a light coffee flavour like caramel. Might be able to use the smooth cappuccino cream on its own and add to it later to round it to perfection.

I will definitely let you know how your recipe turns out.

Thanks again.

I make a 200ml base 70VG/30PG 4mg nic keep it in a pint mason jar in the fridge.

Anytime I get a new flavor, even the same from a different mfg, I make a 20ml tester.
[Take from fridge, let room temp, stir on mag-mixer, mix]

I always have a tester of any flavor I have, so I can taste before I create something new,
and also it’s easy to find a single flavor to vape if I want, or see how one works with
another[since they are aged]. Sometimes I just drip 1,2,3 different flavors on a set of bare
alien claptons [no wick] either to test pairing, or just for fun playing with tastes.
I keep a DB160 with a Velocity V2 just for that purpose.

Anyway, just a suggestion.


Thanks ozo, it’s gonna be tough for me to test, I haven’t got that far yet in vaping to get into rba. Right now I use Alien Smok with TFV4 tank and and aspire I hate lol. Thinking of vaping a pg vg mix trough to clear out old flavours. I also use a Joyetech ego aio at work because it fits in pocket

Do you rebuild your tfv4 or use stock coils? Running unflavored liquid through it will work ( I’ve totally done that) but changing your cotton is quicker (if you’re building your own obviously)

Oh, and welcome!!!

So…coffee isn’t your cup of tea?..who knew :joy::wink:
Love ya princess :kissing_smiling_eyes:
@DiezelDawg69 welcome to the forum dude, 3 mods in your first 5 weeks eh, you son…have the disease :beers: …looking forward to seeing what you come up with there, I dont really have any exp with some of those flavours so I’ll leave it to the other magicians here of which there are many.:ok_hand:
Congrats on living longer and smelling better :wink:🖒


I use store bought coils at the moment for TFV4… spent about a grand for vape gear in 5 weeks lol but feel much better, I even noticed I have colour back in face and it’s winter cold here.

My costs should come way down now I hope.

They over charged me for Smok Alien with no tank at 100 bucks and TFV4 tank for it at 70
Then I needed batteries at 35, charger at 35 and juice plus extra coils… total came to 340 for just my smok crap. Now I will buy my gear online not at vape store here… buggers eh?

holy shit balls :astonished:

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Oh yeah, two Joyetech ego pen style went to wife and then bought me a Joyetech ego aio for work. Then wife wanted aio so I bought another one for her lol. Now I think she wants a low ohm… crap eh!

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well…definitely …DEFINITELY …do not go back to that shop, can’t actually believe the nerve of some people man…that’s fucking shocking

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Holy fk that’s a lot of $$$… !
Ditto what @Pugs1970 said, don’t go back to that shop!


But yay for that!!

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35$ for 1 18650??

Double holy shit balls

@DiezelDawg69 where are you? Is that usd?

$340 usd would buy 5 alien kits and 10 batteries and still have change - if you shop at the right place
admittedly it was a flash sale but the normal price is 50 usd.

Please name an shame that vape shop that is terrible.

RVC in Waterloo Ont Canada… two 18650 for Alien Smok … Canadian dollars.

A few suggestions in a pm.

Ya I think I rush into that purchase but was so excited how great vaping is and jumped in without any patience. Only thing now is that I can’t look back at purchase but be thankful it allowed me to quit the analogs after 35 years. Not to forget to mention that I found a great community to boot and a great hobby I was needing as well.

Where are you finding those awesome prices Woftam?

Next step for me might be coil building but I think I should take one step at a time now lol and learn how to mix.