New laws going into effect in Pennsylvania

This is just a quick note to all that they just passed a new Bill/Law here in Allegheny County/Pittsburgh PA that states that no one can vape in any public place that is also identified as Off Limits to smokers. I know this may not be a shock to some but keep in mind that this is a 1st step in total control as was mentioned in the news cast, KDKA-TV2 News. One of my local shops is already in peril due to the tax junk going on and this may just drive the last nail in the coffin. He related that this is where stuff starts, ie; locally, then spreads like wildfire across the country. I hope we can survive this mess fellow vapers. I refuse to go back to cigarettes!!!


this has been going on in WA state for awhile , and i know people may get upset but i agree with it , look the vapor clouds do annoy people and the film from the clouds sticks like crazy , now if they start to say you cant vape even where smokers smoke that will be a problem , we are a very small percent and have to expect restrictions especially while in public places


All we can do is hold on and see where the ride takes us. When it comes to the laws, they are going to do whatever they feel they can get away with. And if they think they can get by with something a little more over the line they will surely try. Just as the crooked bastards did here in Indiana.

The governments, at both state and federal levels are smart. They are going to come at us from ALL sides. From a health standpoint they will do everything they can to keep vaping from appearing to be safe by showing anything they can that is bad. Every mod explosion, nicotine poisoning, allergic reaction, etc will be front page news. They will attack the vape shops first. Then you better be prepared, because I guarantee DIY will be their next target. They will try to influence the way people think by spreading as much bad press about vaping as they can. They will push new nicotine replacements on anyone who will listen. They will pass laws that help them achieve these things. And once they get enough people brainwashed they will pass more laws and regulation followed by a stronger wave of propaganda. This will continue until they own the vape industry in full. Just as they do big tobacco.

Take for instance the bullshit laws passed in Indiana here. The vape shops can’t let you sample the juice. You have to buy it with no idea how it tastes. Think of how pissed off this makes new vapers trying to find their flavor! Also the vape shops cannot help the customer with their device. They can’t replace the coils. They can’t re-build or re-wick RDA’s/RTA’s, etc. Think about being a newb and trying to get help getting started. Hmm. Ever buy a car without test driving it? Ever buy a car you have a problem with the next day and the dealership tells you “Sorry… we aren’t allowed to work on it for you”. See what I mean by smart?

We can fight back. We all need to spread as much positive news about vaping as we can. Fight fire with fire as they say. Educate those around you. Bring up the subject of vaping every chance you get. Talk about it and try to help others see that vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking. Hell I didn’t even smoke when I started vaping. I tried it and I liked it. That catches people’s attention. If the average non-vaping voter could be educated as to what vaping is for those that are desperate for a way to quit smoking, they would possibly help spread the word by talking about it too. Especially if those people could see what the government is doing to shut this industry down, despite the loss of human life it will cause by doing so.

We need to get some bumper stickers made up that we can put on our cars that will totally piss the government off.

It’s a proven safer alternative to smoking
Be a Quitter… Start Vaping!
Come visit us at
We’re all here to help!


Awesome idea! :smiley:

I HATE BUMPER STICKERS , but this one id make an exception for as a matter of fact i have a guy who makes magnetic signs im gonna go talk to him this week about making some about vaping


Right on man. I am going to see about getting something for my back window of my van.

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I totally agree with all your saying. The biggest thing I have a problem with is that I had seizures on 25 Dec 2012 which they found I have brain cancer. No big deal there as gave it to God cause waaay bigger than me. My problem is that the VA can’t and won’t authorize any other type of assistance to quit because of the seizures. I’m now on medication for them for the rest of my life and no big deal there either but if you look at all the warnings and labels on all that stuff, it immediately warns Do Not Take due to Causing Seizures. Soooo, I looked at my options,None, besides doing this, vaping, to kick my pack a day habit and I’m proud to say that I’m rocking it irregardless of what the Big Brother has to say. I feel they should take certain conditions like mine into consideration as far as health risks. Just my opinion but feel its a little noteworthy. Sorry for the rant.

You’ll be fine man. There will be a black market if this all gets shut down eventually. I personally am not worried. Because you know what works just as well as a mod/rda? A glass pipe. I just tried it. Yup. And those won’t be regulated. So… we can buy crack pipes to vape out of. No regs there :wink: