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New member. New to DIY


Firstly, hello to the group. :grinning:

I have recently received my starter kit from makemyvape. The flavours I went with are - Rhubarb and custard by P&B.
Cinnamon danish swirl by CAP
Cola by FW
Tropical fruit by P&B
Strawberry kiwi by FW
Passion fruit by TFA.
I am wondering if anyone has tried any of these and can offer reviews or tips on steeping time etc.
Thanks in advance.


I do not have any experience with these.
But, you can start by going to the recipe side and adding the flavors to your flavor stash

Make sure you click on the one with the most numbers beside it, there are a lot of flavors labeled incorrectly and it can be confusing if you dont enter them correctly.
Next, try the what can i make feature

This will help you get an idea of flavor combos to try. (It can also be helpful to make your flavor stash public)
After this, mix away!!
If you feel like it, you could purchase more flavors (enough to make the recipes you like or think of yourself)
Bullcityflavors has fast shipping and low prices!
Medicine flower and flavorah have more concentrated flavoring but they are more spendy.
HAVE FUN!!! hope this helped!


Thanks @Laura5.
The 6 flavours I got are all 10ml one shot things, just to get me started and see if I take to DIY. It could be a while before I get to the more advanced mixing/creating.


Welcome, this will help u research each flavor Tips For Navigating the Flavor Page and Optional Flavor Choices For Beginners
Gl to u!


Awesome, thank you @worm1


Firstly, welcome to the edge of the rabbit hole! As @worm1 pointed out, there’s a whole slew of great information in the Beginner’s Tab. Give it a look when you’ve got some time. Also, don’t forget to pop on into the New Mixer’s post and introduce yourself!

This is probably on of the most friendliest places on the net-Enjoy! Cheers, and welcome!


Hope your journey thru the rabbit hole , will be as enjoyable as mine.


Welcome @Rikg!
Nice to have you!


Welcome and glad you joined. Might want to start here:

“all 10ml one shot things”
Not sure if you bought “single” flavor concentrates or one shots (OS/Flavor Blends). Might want to double check out what you purchased.


Welcome @Rikg. The best experience is trying out some recipes and finding a profile that you like. Mixing your own blends will get easier once you experience how things balance out. I gotta warn you though, it’s freaking addictive and not too cheap. Lucky for you (and all of us), you found the right place to ask questions. We all learn something new everyday.


Errrrmmm, not up to speed with all the terminology yet but i’m Pretty sure each 10ml shot is designed to be used by itself with 40ml of base juice and a nic shot to make 60ml of liquid.


@Rikg Welcome to ELR, the never ending spending site !!! :wink:


Welcome to ELR!

A quick tip perhaps, before you order flavors, do a little bit of research on the flavors. Looking at the ones you’ve received, I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to make a lot of recipes. They seem a bit weird combinations… but sometimes weird works just as well :slight_smile:

A lot of flavors can be vaped as single flavors but over time, you’ll notice that the flavor concentrates we buy, only offer a small piece of the flavor spectrum of those flavors we’re chasing. Combining a few flavors together will give you a much richer flavor experience that you will enjoy a lot more.
Steeping time depends a bit on the flavors and the amount of flavor (%) that you use in your recipe. To get a feel for it, people usually mix up small quantities (5-15ml) with different percentages, let it steep, try it every couple days to see how it goes.
You may find flavor notes on the recipe-side of the site where people talk about steep times, but that’s more commonly found with the recipes instead of the flavors. Generally speaking (but this is certainly no rule), fruity flavors don’t need a long steep, often they’re shake-and-vape certified. Bakery and light creams take a little longer to steep and heavy custards and tobaccos take the longest.
That being said, there are tobaccos that can be vapes nearly instantly and there are fruits that have to steep for over a month. A lot of DIY is finding out for yourself what works for you.

This all depends on how you vape and which equipment you use, whether you use a 50/50 VG/PG ratio or perhaps a Max VG mix. MTL devices could use a little more flavor while a multi coil RDA can probably do with a lot less flavor…

That’s why everyone here is always suggested to make little testers of their flavors (single flavor testing) to get a feel for what works for you.

I should also recommend you to read A LOT and maybe best start in #e-liquids and the forum’s sub-sections. There is a ton of information on how to mix, steep, how to get the most out of your flavor stash, which flavors to buy so you have the most options for highly rated recipes, how to test flavors, keep notes to keep track of your experiences and so on.
There is no short guide that will take you from A to Z in a short time and there’s no one who knows it all. We all still learn new things every day :wink:

If you have any questions, just shoot. It’s a nice, friendly and very helpful community here.


Thanks @Suomynona.
For future reference I vape on RDA’s. Currently have the goon lp, kryten and recoil v2 in rotation and others gathering dust… My mod is a voopoo drag and I tend to vape at around 80w. I favour a 70/30 vg/pg mix.


One shot flavors (OS/Flavor Blends) are premixed flavors that are only designed to be used on their own and mixed with a base of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Nicotine (at least one/two/all of the three). One shot mixing is supposed to be close to the flavor promoted on the bottle. These mixes may allow some adjustment of the strength (percentage) of the mix. OS Mixing can be a good introductory to DIY. One shots and flavor blends are simply added per directions to the mixer’s desired mixing base, Shake and Vape (SnV) or steep as directed.

You will note that each one shot vendor may have different directions as to how to mix their single blend mix.The main difference of one shots, is the mixer is using only one “blended flavor mix” as apposed to several single flavor concentrate to make a DIY mix. These DIY one shots are purported to simplify mixing by using a proven one shot blend and a simplified procedure to mix.


Welcome Rikg. I found the beginners information valuable when I started out. The flavor list also includes one shots. I would use the calculator to make a small sample tester rather than mix the 60ml. Then if you find it lacking we can help figure out what might help.


That’s the type of thing I went for with my starter kit. Got mine from here.


hang in there , it took my 6-8 months to get to the point where i can make good mixes
my suggestion is make small amounts and record exactly your ingredients and amounts so you can adjust according to your likes
also you might want to watch some youtube clips
my 2 goto guys for diy information
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkm9e7GRsxk -this guy is good , watch his videos


Cheers for that.
I ordered a few more flavours since my original post. I’ve mixed a cola lemon and lime and a strawberry and vanilla bean gelato. Next up will be apple pie and vanilla custard and probably something involving the cinnamon danish swirl.