New Mixer - advice on recipes with existing flavour batch

Hey all,

I’m Luke - fairly new to mixing, thanks to this site I’ve been pretty successful in my first few batches of mixes :slight_smile:
I bought a job lot of flavours to get the ball rolling, I’m really into pastry/dessert vapes.
I’ve got a bunch of flavours that I’m struggling to incorporate into recipes, is it possible to share my stash with you all so that more experienced mixers can check it out and advise on how to use some of them in recipes?

otherwise I can list the ones I’m struggling with and hopefully get some ideas on how to blend some quality juice!

Many Thanks



Bring it on, there are plenty of good, qualified, reliable, expert, mixers in here .

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Thank you @Mix_and_Hope, I’ve attached a jpeg of my stash,

The flavours I’m unsure of are:

Lemons (all)
2 Apple
Creme Caramel
Fizz Base
Funnel Cake
Milk And Honey
Rice Pudding
White Chocolate
Greek Yoghurt
Strawberry (Flavorah)

I’ve tested some of the flavours in the recipes below:

Test batches of Real Lemonade and Frosted Lemonade - steeping at mo

Creme Caramel - Used in an adapted Kennedy clone - tastes ok

Funnel Cake - Ive used in a custard recipes, its nice but a little bit “doughy”

Milk and Honey - tested in a 10ml trial recipe, not very good! Too much Cinnamon?

White Chocolate - had some success in a custard/strawberry mix, body is there but its missing a tangy top note or something

Rice Pudding - not bad but missing something - needs filling out?

so that is where I am at the mo,
Im really happy with some recipes Ive mixed from this site, these are:
Five Pawns- Queenside clone
Sugar Rush
Apricot/Vanilla Ice Cream
Sucker Punch clone

Thanks in advance for any advice



if you could go to the recipe side, click on user > My flavor stash > check the allow others to see my flavor stash.
That would make everyone able to see your stash.

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Done! thanks for getting back to me

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There is a possibility that the total % is too high on some of these older recipes. Depending on the wattage, ohms and type of set-up you are using. Some 2016 and older recipes may have been designed for a lower wattage, higher ohm system or MTL set-ups. Which, would be perfectly happy with 17-20%. I don’t use any of these flavors by these brands, so I’m just talking theoretically here, they may just be great at these %s. But, I personally try stay under or close to 10% total, ~6% being a sweet-spot for most of my recent adventures. I’m at .15ohms, ~70watts, DTL and use a dual coil RDA.

What equipment are you vaping on to test these?

I’m also curious as to how long you let this Funnel Cake recipe steep. Many Custards and Bakeries can take 4-12 weeks to get groovy.

Good luck and happy tweaking!

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Im using a Tesla Wye 85watt with 1.6 coils and usually vape at around 12.5 watts
I let all my juice steep for 1 month minimum, 4-6 weeks with dairy/bakery juices
Funnel Cake recipe was made on 7th June so its been a good while for that one, it tastes nice, I’m vaping that one now, just a little bit too cakey if that makes sense.

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Awesome, these should be ok then, theoretically. Hopefully some folks with Funnel Cake experience can help out more accurately than I have. You may just need to tweak some things a bit, or play around with different brands. Maybe the high % of Custard is messing with the Cake, maybe you need less Cake, maybe more…

Have you done a Single Flavor Test(SF or SFT) on Funnel Cake @ 3%? This would help to determine if it is just too doughy on it’s own for your preferences. If you have a flavor that is giving you an odd outcome in a mix, SFT at the % you used it in the mix, and try one lower and one maxed out and let them steep well.

Most highly competent mixers (of which I am not!) will recommend SFT everything before you start a recipe so you can use them more accurately and be able to identify culprits if something is too off, or doughy!

I tend to SFT a bit more lazily, jumping on it after it’s confused me in a mix. It’s much more efficient to do it before you have a problem, though, because it could be the flavor you suspect, the Funnel Cake, or it could be any of the others, giving the Funnel Cake a bad rep.

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I’ve done SFT with the rice pudding, that was ok, but I havent had the patience to do a whole load of them, ill have to give it a go.
Anyone have suggestions on how best to put my fruit flavours listed above to good use?

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How would one go about viewing others stashes? Or how do you locate members on the recipe side? If i am following someone I can view their stash but haven’t:confused::confused: figured out to view otherwise!

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You can view the stash in the recipe side. Click on the name, and underneath it, you’ll see a few options : start following, following, stop following, inspect flavor stash, …

I dont know how to find out the name on each side. I usually just ask.

There’s a thread for that already !
Check it out and be amazed… or not :rofl:

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The link to the user on the recipe side is now on the user card (click on a name next to a post)

If their stash isn’t public then you won’t see it when going to their profile on the recipes side.