New mixer. What can I make

Hey everyone. I am completely new to mixing and have these flavours to start with. I’m looking for a fruity all day vape with 3-6mg nic. I have pg as well as vg and a 200ml bottle of 50mg nicotine.

Any advice or recipes would be awesome thanks

Strawberry by Flavour Art Concentrate
Bavarian Cream Super Concentrate
Forest Mix by Jungle Flavors
Watermelon by Jungle Flavors -
Pineapple by Inawera
Banana Concentrate


Welcome aboard! I hope u took the time to read beginner resource threads which are extremely helpful even for veterans. Although the ‘what can i make’ feature is currently disabled while being repaired, it doesnt stop you from starting. Under user there is a ‘flavor list’ and there u can enter the name of the flavor/brand ie. strawberry (FA) or forest mix (JF) and find the median mixing %s for single and in a mix, read notes others have used, common pairings, and recipes. For those 2 flavors that u listed, u will need to find out the brannd name to help u there. Don’t afraid to use your imagination and simply think of possible pairings. Good luck to you and dont hesitate to ask q’s since we all have been new to this wonderful world at one time.


I would start as single flavor mixes.
FA Strawberry- 2-3%
SC Bavarian Cream- 2%
JF Jungle Mix- 2-4%
JF Watermelon- 4-5%
INW Pineapple- 4-5%
Banana around 2-3% if it is a SC
Doing single flavors will give you a better understanding of each individual flavor.

Do you have sweetener?

Off hand if you want to mix something you could do
Strawberry- 1%
Banana- 0.5-1%
if you add Bavarian Cream at 0.5-1% I would let it steep for at least a few days.

This is just what I have learned in my short time mixing. ELR is a awesome place to start. Check the flavor list for ideas on percentages and as @worm1 said searching recipes. Welcome.


I do not have sweetener. Will be purchased on my next lot of flavours I buy.
I may try the recipe you suggested and just a plain strawberry one. Hope it tastes good. First time mixing my own juice


I have some tips that might help you out. Start off simple. Single to three flavor recipes will help you get the hang of measuring, mixing and steeping. Hell, a good deal of simple recipes often taste better than overly complex ones. Most of my personal favorite recipes only use 5 flavors

As you build up your flavor collection, try the recipes others post. Some people are gifted when it comes to pastry, others fruits. To be well rounded you have to learn how others incorporate and bend flavors. Easiest and best way to do that is by trying their recipes out. And of course once you do, rate it and comment on it. It will help other who are interest and the original poster.

And never give up. I have been working on a fried banana recipe on and off for two years. You just gotta keep at it. If you get stuck like I did, shift gears. A break from a recipe will give you a new perspective.

I would love to end this with a recipe, but I don’t own any Jungle Flavors flavors.



The Beginners section is definitely the place to start.

I can only strongly recommend what people above me said. Start with single flavors and while you’re enjoying those vapes, read through these forums and learn to become a “master mixer”. All these forums are filled with invaluable information.
It will take a good few months to really get the hang of it and start to understand how to work with flavors, combining flavors, flavor ingredients and steeping. While you’re busy, you’ll probably acquire a couple dozen (if not more) additional flavors to expand your mixing options.

The best advice to give here is to read a lot. Many people have gone through this process and lots of these experiences are documented in all these forums.
That aside, taste really is very subjective and what other people think is great may be really gross to you. A lot of it boils down to testing things yourself, taking notes and coming up with your own concoctions.

If you’re buying new flavors with the purpose of mixing existing recipes, check out the thread about the most common recipes and flavors. It really contains a lot of helpful tips to get the most out of your early mixing investments.