New Mod any deals?

Sign up for the newsletter for Cheap Vaping Deals. Its ASTONISHING how cheap you can find kits, the if you find something that appeals, just check reviews and ask here if its reliable. Here’s the current ‘kit’ deals. Only thing, be aware of where you’re ordering from…since you’re trying to get your kiddo off the cigs, I’d suggest steering clear of ordering from APAC region, just cause you’ll be waiting a good month for delivery. Better off paying few more $ for a US vendor, imo, just to catch your kid quick.

BTW, I also find astonishing deals on juice, here.This is where I found my alltime fave juice vendor, the sauce LA, advertising their ‘new customer’ deal…$3 for an ounce each of their three biggest sellers. I’m now totally addicted to their juices. lol And ran into a similar new customer deal at vapewild on here… not to mention a million deals at random vendors for 120 mls for $4.99…they run those frequently. Moral of the story, is if you check here once a week, you’ll find crazy good deals and find some fantastic vendors you’d never heard of.