New Mod Required

I’m looking for a new mod to accompany my new Baby Beast tank
Currently use a Inokin TC100 with my Isub S Tanks but it just does not last a day of heavy vaping and only other mod I have is a Vapto P1 as a back up, this is ok but not fully regulated as its done in % so not very accurate but ok for my Isub S with standard coils.
Any idea’s before Black Friday

How much do you want to spend? Do you want internal or external batteries?

Anyone tried one of these it looks cool but no idea if its any good.
Original Smok G - PRIV 220 220W TC Box Mod - RED WITH BLACK

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Internal its just easy for charging
Up to about £75

The g-priv hasn’t hit the market from my understanding, also it takes external batteries.

Yea its on Gearbest for despatch from 24th Nov and just noticed it has external batteries so that’s out I guess.
Whats pros and cons of external batteries other than you can buy spares to keep charged up, do you need to purchase charges or do they come with them ?
Hear a lot of tales of them blowing up in your face

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There’s 3 internal battery mods i’d suggest.
#1 smok r80 #2 kbox 70w #3 eleaf ipower
I had the r200 (it’s the same as the r80 but with external batteries) it’s a great nod feels very quality in hand. The temp control is A+ and only down side it the paint isn’t very tuff. If i was going to buy any of those 3 it’d be the kbox 70w i’ve had great experiences with kanger. Still have the original kbox mini a yr n half later and used daily. Also can be found for 27$ on

Thanks il have a look at those

All stories i’ve read about exploding mods are mechs. There’s alot of people that charge batteries inside the mod. I’d suggest getting an external charger just bc you can buy them for 10$ and it makes life so much easier. External battery mods also last longer than internal mods and offer higher watts and more mah.


Found the KBOX 70 for £19.95 on offer so very good price

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I have an iPower. It’s a great little mod

I actually prefer external batteries - feel I have more control and don’t have to worry I’ll run out of charge out and about as you can carry spares with you. You’d need to buy a charger

Is worth read :+1:

Also, with externals you can just replace batteries instead of having to buy a new mod :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d highly recommend external charging of the batteries. Unless you are looking at a mod with sealed internal batteries. A lot of mods cannot charge in a balanced manner and will weaken one or both batteries. Check out any decent mod review and the majority of them will tell you to charge externally. Get yourself a good charger as well. I have used Nitecore exclusively and have never had a problem.
I’ve had a few middle-of-the-road mods, Smok, Wismec, Eleaf etc and they all have some issues (minor to major) but will work adequately. If you want to step it up a bit, I highly recommend the Hohmtech Hohm Wrecker G2. Ugly as all get out, but the thing works and works very well. It even does Kanthal TC (I know, but it really does) - or you could go higher and get a DNA mod.

My recommendations

This thing has proven itself as being reliable. It’s powerfull enough for the baby beast, you can choose between 2 or 3 batteries and it’s pretty darn cheap.

A very good charger, you’ll love it. I recommend getting batteries locally from a good battery supplier, maybe state your region and other members can point you in the right direction.

and maybe this for on your keychain

Depending on how many batteries you get you may go a little over the 75, but i think it’s worth it and you will be very pleased with this setup. I would defenitly advice against an internal battery.


Definitely have to agree with @Duchesst about the Opus BT-C series. whether you get the 3100 or the 3400, both are Very reliable and safe units. If you opt for the 3100 though, just make sure you get a v2.2 (or newer, if available).

The benefits of external charging far outweigh having internal batteries, as you’re just putting a self-imposed lifespan on your investment by choosing internal.

As for the best place to buy reputable batteries, IMHO the first stop has to be (the first letter is a capital i) if you’re in the US or don’t mind shipping abroad.


I’ve just had the Opus BT C3100 from gearbeast. It is AWESOME! :smiley:

Edit: It’s the v2.2 - just checked!


I can’t believ I have never been to I just created an account. They have pretty good prices. They even have flashlights awesome. I have a feeling that they will be my new place for betteries and stuff…

  • just goes to show that you can learn something new as long as you want to learn something new.
    anywho thanks for giving us your honest opinion. :wink:

Hopefully you saw my post earlier in Good Deals?

Turns out, the link Duchesst posted above takes you to the same deal! WOOT! Bonus! =D


Yeah, the last major sale they had, I stocked up on (6) Samsung 25r5’s for $4 each!!! -Definitely a site to watch…not to mention they had LG HG2’s for $5 ea? IIRC.

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Man, I really want to get it, I got just enough money, the only problem is that it’s the last of the spending cash. Oh well, I’ll hold off and hope it’s still there next week. thanks again

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