New mod - Smok RPM80 - thoughts?

Hey all,

I’m looking to see if anyones tried the new Smok RPM80 (PRO or other); essentially I’m looking at whether it would meet my needs. I smoke CBD isolate in blends of PG/VG (between 30/70 and 50/50 depending on my flavour choices). I know I need coils that are 1.0 ohm and temp is best between 25-50W.

I’ve tried the Smok NORD; it was good at a starter but other than being compact I wasn’t getting the full hit I need.

I moved to the Trinity Alpha, and while it’s decent there is a MAJOR flaw with that design, the damn fill cap slips open EASILY and leaks everywhere! Losing CBD like that is painful. I solved the problem but looping the lanyard rubber is came with (sans lanyard) around it but the rubber ring is now MIA.

So that brings me to my next issue, I’ve talked to the folks at the local shops and they don’t know when they’ll get the RPM80 is and if it’s worth it because the RPM40 is still out. However, has them for ($50 CND) and I just can’t figure out if it’s worth it. I’m not stuck on Smok, they just seem to have the closest product to meet my needs. I like compact and refillable, and I like the ability to quickly swap coils depending on my need.

If anyone has tried it or has any suggestions for another model/brand I’d love to hear them!!


I myself don’t do pod mods, but I just looked at that one and it’s a good looking unit, sounds like it fits Your needs perfectly. I would definitely pick one up it fit my needs but would look around or wait for a better deal. 50 bucks seems high IMO
I’m sure someone else with more expertise with pod mods will chime in