New mod wanted

Hi all well my Smok HPriv 220 has gave up the ghost and im in the market for a new mod
Would like something similar to use with my big baby beast.
I might wait for Black Friday but would like some advice or recomendations to a good mod


All depends on what your willing to spend and what you want it to do, if you want a cheap solid mod I would recommend the elieaf I stick tc 200w, you can get it for about $15.00, and put arctic fox on it if you like tc. Or if you want one of the most coveted mods on the forum I would get a @Whiterose0818 they are the shit, and yes they make your juice taste better!


Personally, if you want cheep I do like the voopoo drag…40-60 dollars depending on where you get it.

It you want to get something for Black Friday that’s more expensive, but discounted…a lost vape dna 166. Mine has been holding up really good.


If you provide more info , it would help people suggest a new one. What watts and resistance do you vape at? What size is comfortable for u? Whats the budget like?


Something similar in size to the Smok Hpriv 220 with 2 batterys
Price wise upto ÂŁ70

I vape upto 120w depending on my tank and coils usualy .1 to .5 coils
Hope this helps


I would recommend Joyetech or Eleaf (since I don’t think you’ll find a DNA or YiHi with the power you want in that price bracket).

Good luck with whatever you decide to go with though!

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smoant charon or battlestar


Im liking my gx2/4

Mostly use the 4 battery mode.
But nice to know if I only have my emergency battery’s charged I can go to two battery mode. Don’t know what my second set of backup batteries wouldn’t be charged, but hey stranger things have happened…

Thou if I wa to drop to my emergency batteries I’d probably use my xcube2

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I just got this. IMO, killer deal on a DNA device.

Seems solid so far. Nice 510, good finish, compact, below your budget.


Been looking at the Hcigar VT250 and like the looks but now where to get one in uk.
Cant find one in stock anywhere and do not fancy waiting 20 days from China
Anyone know if any one in uk has one in stock


smok procolor 220W TC is pretty good.

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sir this depends firstly on how much you want to spend for a mod…

imho i love RX300 gen3 (3 batteries, compaq size (it can really challenge dual battery mods in terms of size, for watts? this is not even a question) (i don’t own it yet, i have worked with it, though i own the quad battery rx300)

Vaporesso Revenger (220Watts, Dual Battery, it’s generally small in size) i am using it as my ADV mod… no complaints at all…
Voopooo Drag
Vaporesso Tarot pro
Smoant Charon TC & Smoant Battlestar are two good choices too…

though Smok Babybeast doesn’t require so horrible amounts of Watts like the TFV8 Cloud Beast (180watts or whatever max suggested by manufacturer) you can easily go with any dual battery mod if this is the case… and there are many choices for real to choose from… all depends on how much you want put your hands in your pockets and what you like mostly…


That was a kick-ass purchase!

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Just upgrade to Dhl shipping and you will get it within a week. As long as they have it in stock

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@Whiterose0818 comes to mind

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Nice mod but the paint can flake off the battery cover. Just an fyi.

I had 2 of those pieces of crap both died in like 4 months, so I bought this and I absolutely love it

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The Smoant mods are budget friendly and rock solid devices. I have Charon Adj. and tc. Know quite a few who have the Battlestar and love it.