NEW NomNomz Super Concentrates (Super Charged) Reviewed by SessionDrummer -- Testing Now!

Strawberry (Wild) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (5-14-24) – Getting back in to the few to finish off this series with this one. At 1.5% it was fairly strong, but felt like it could use just a little bump, so 2.0% might be the better SFT weight. As it was, it was an interesting Strawberry. I actually got a mix of both a Wild SB, and a slightly candied SB, with light artificial notes. It was somewhat smooth, and not what I would call a “ripe” SB. No jammy-ness or pectins here, and it had some tartness on the finish. The “wild” part was harder to quantify, but I think the second slightly artificial/candied note was what handled that more than anything else. Overall it was natural tasting, with some hints of candied. Sweetness was a few ticks below mid level, and there were no off-notes to complain about. I couldn’t decide if the two different notes worked together or not. Overall, it was a very “smooth” strawberry. I think having some more bright end punch would have helped it pop a little more. As it stood, a good smooth SB that was fairly natural, with some slight candied/artificial notes. It felt good at a 7.9/10.


Popcorn (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (5-15-24) – It’s safe to say that “Popcorns” are tricky, or everyone would be making them. This one was in the “ballpark” of a Popcorn, but it was fairly light, and not entirely all of the way there. Clearly there were some popcorn elements in there, but I don’t think it could be the star in a popcorn mix. There were no overt butter notes, but there was a certain richness that implied there was some in there. It was somewhat sweetened, but quite a bit below mid level. Smelling it, there was an almost light AP note, and an almost toasted popcorn kernel smell that was very accurate, but it didn’t fully translate when testing it. With no real off-notes to complain about, I think this one would def work IN a mix, but would need some pairings/boosting to fully work. All in, a good, light, “some of the way there” popcorn flavor, that would work great, with some support. Because I score heavily on accuracy, I’m going to push this one up a bit, but not near the top, and leave it at a 6.9/10.


Passionfruit (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (5-17-24) – Getting near the end of this long series, with the Passionfruit. I could tell right away, that this one was not only good, but a very spot on Passionfruit flavor. It had just the right amount of sweetness, tartness, and the characteristic fermented (slight fizzy)-ness. After about 2 testers in, I decided to start writing this, and it stayed consistently good. Fresh, accurate, and very natural were my big three take-aways from this one. At 1.5% it was very full, and I didn’t feel the need to increase the strength at all. Sweetness was almost at mid-level, and that felt right where it needed to be. No off-notes, or even any complaints with this one. All in, a very accurate, tasty Passionfruit, with just the right amounts of sweetness, slight tartness, and fermented fizzyness to sell it’s authenticity, all day long. If you’re a PF lover, you will probably love this one. With no issues, complaints, or off-notes, this one felt good, fairly high at a 9.8/10.


Speaking of passion, you’ve really thrown yourself into the Nomz line-up with complete abandon and I just want to give you a big THANK-YOU! After reading your review of Papaya, I got it and glad I did because it’s delicious. So, I’ll be picking this one up as well, plus the Peach (Yellow). I’ll wait to make one order once I see what your remaining few are. Thanks so much for putting so much time and effort into this and all of your reviews! :sparkling_heart: :hibiscus:


Well thank you very much at @TakeMeToTheSea. Very kind of you.

The GOOD news is, only two cooling agents, and a Yogurt left to go !!!

Thanks again.


Appreciate the heads-up SD. Thanks :wink:


Yogurt (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (5-19-24) – Alright, it’s a fact that I fear testing Yogurts, because you never know if it will be overtly “sour” or not. Luckily this one proved that to NOT be the case. Now it DID have a little “twerk” when smelling it, but testing it, that wasn’t present. It presented as a fairly accurate plain yogurt, that was slightly sweetened. Semi creamy, semi rich, and with just enough dairy to make it convincing. It smelled a little sour, but tasted rather smooth, and almost creamy. I’m not sure why anyone (LOL) would solo a yogurt, hehe, but someone’s gotta do it. Rather than a stand alone, I think this one’s strength will be in the mixing, as I could see countless “smoothie” uses, even added to milkshakes, and even Key Lime Pies to “fatten” up and add richness to mixes. No off-notes (thank God), other than the slight whiff of sour when smelling. It was slightly sweetened, but not sweet, and was a blank canvas yogurt. I didn’t detect any overt BA notes throughout the test. At 1.5% it was probably as full as it was going to get, and it did have some mouthfeel to it. Fear not, as this yogurt won’t blow your face off. As a blank slate yogurt it was convincing, but again, it’s true strength will be in the application in mixes. All in, a pretty solid blank slate yogurt, that didn’t offend. It felt good at a 8.0/10.


Fresh (Koolada) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (5-18-24) – Ok, ok, ok. I know, you know, we ALL know, … I DON’T do cooling agents !!! I pushed these two till the very, bitter end, JUST because, hehe, I don’t ever use them. With THAT said, if you want a granular deep dive of cooling agents, this AIN’T it, BUT, I can give you the quick low down. Alright, at 1.5%, surprisingly this Fresh (Koolada) did NOT blow my face off. The cooling effect wasn’t overwhelming at all, and it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. It was fairly taste/profile free, and had minor/modest cooling on both the inhale and exhale. It was somewhat sweetened, and just about 2 ticks below mid-level, and at times, reminded me of a candy cane, without any peppermint, or flavors. Crude, but in the ballpark, only less sweet. I didn’t get any mint(s) from this one, and I could see uses for it (probably even at higher rates), to add a neutral cooling effect ot mixes. All in, it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared, nor was the cooling (at 1.5%) chokingly chilled. As a cooler, and a non-offensive one at that, I’ll leave this one high(er), and at a 9.4/10.


Fresh (Polar) (SC) (Nomz) 1.5% (5-19-24) – Finishing out this HUGE series from NomNomz with this, the Polar. As stated, cooling just isn’t my thing, so again, if you want a REAL cooling review, there are probably some out there. With THAT said, the Polar seemed to have a somewhat more intense cooling than the previously tested Koolada, at the same testing weight. Both more on the inhale and exhale, with an increase on the exhale. Like the Koolada, it was pretty neutral, and didn’t have any mint or other descernable profiles. It was also somewhat sweetened, but still well below mid-level. Their was an interesting lingering of the cooling that wasn’t present with the Koolada, so it stayed around for a bit afterwards. There was also a slight dryness on the finish, which may have been the lingering cooling. Not intrusive, but still there. Still fairly non-offensive, even to the “Not Cooling Guy”. Rating it just a bit below the Koolada, due to the slight dryness. All in, a neutral cooler, slightly sweetened, with an increased cooling effect over the Koolada, a slight dryness on the finish, which lingered a bit at the end. It felt chilled @ 9.0/10.


Whew, ANOTHER big testing series DONE !!!

Thanks again out to Richard at NomNomz for sending these out for review.

As a reminder, these flavors ^^^^ are NOT the entire NomNomz SC line, these are only the ones I have NOT tested before. If you missed my Chefs SC tests, please check them out here, to fill in the gaps.


If you had to guess, in your opinion, for your tastes, what would the hit rate be for you on the new Nomz SC?


WHEW @Lynda_Marie, askin’ the TOUGH questions hehe.

Hit, hit, hit, what IS a hit ?? I’m GLAD you prefaced this with …

in your opinion, for your tastes

This will be different for EVERYONE, to say the least, but, but, BUT, because you asked, if I had to simplify it, I’d say anything over a 9.0/10 is a “Yeah, you might want to get this one”. Not just 10/10’s, but anything over a 9.0/10 puts it in.

With 68 flavors in this series, and 39 of them rating (My Ratings) at 9.0/10 or over, that would put the hit rate at a 57.3% rate. And THAT, is pretty good.

  1. Apple Donut 8.95/10
  2. Apricot 8.7/10
  3. Asperule (Woodruff) 8.75/10
  4. Banana 9.8/10
  5. Banana Candy 6.9/10
  6. Banana Flambe 9.5/10
  7. Biscuit (Buttery) 5.0/10
  8. Biscuit (Graham Cracker) 8.5/10
  9. Blackcurrant 9.0/10
  10. Blueberry 9.6/10
  11. Brownie 6.0/10
  12. Candy Floss 4.9/10
  13. Cherry 9.75/10
  14. Chocolate (Dark) 9.1/10
  15. Chocolate (Milk) 6.5/10
  16. Chocolate (White) 9.5/10
  17. Coffee 9.9/10
  18. Coffee (Irish) 9.9/10
  19. Cranberry 6.5/10
  20. Cream 9.5/10
  21. Creme Anglaise 9.5/10
  22. Cucumber 9.0/10
  23. Custard Cake 9.0/10
  24. Dragonfruit (Pitaya) 4.3/10
  25. Energy Drink 9.2/10
  26. French Vanilla 9.9/10
  27. Fresh (Koolada) 9.4/10
  28. Fresh (Polar) 9.0/10
  29. Guava 8.9/10
  30. Hazelnut (Roasted) 10/10
  31. Hibiscus 9.6/10
  32. Kiwi 4.5/10
  33. Lemon Meringue Pie 9.0/10
  34. Milkshake (Strawberry) 8.0/10
  35. Mint Cream 9.8/10
  36. Nougatine 9.3/10
  37. Orange (Blood) 7.5/10
  38. Papaya 9.85/10
  39. Passionfruit 9.8/10
  40. Peach 8.7/10
  41. Peach (Yellow) 10/10
  42. Pear 9.0/10
  43. Pecan Nut 6.5/10
  44. Pineapple 7.0/10
  45. Popcorn 6.9/10
  46. Praline 9.6/10
  47. Puffed Rice 9.9/10
  48. Raspberry 8.9/10
  49. Raspberry Custard 9.8/10
  50. Raspberry Jam 9.8/10
  51. Raspberry Wafer 9.5/10
  52. Raspberry (Wild) 9.0/10
  53. Red Currant 10/10
  54. Rhubarb 7.0/10
  55. Rum (Brown) 8.0/10
  56. Strawberry 9.1/10
  57. Strawberry (Wild) 7.9/10
  58. Sweet Lime 7.5/10
  59. Tobacco (Gold) 9.5/10
  60. Tobacco (RY4) 9.5/10
  61. Toffee 9.9/10
  62. Toffee (Candy) 4.5/10
  63. Vanilla 6.9/10
  64. Vanilla (Bourbon) 9.2/10
  65. Vanilla Cupcake 7.5/10
  66. Watermelon 6.0/10
  67. Whiskey (Cream) 9.5/10
  68. Yogurt 8.0/10

68 Total
39 > 9.0/10