New OOO monkfruit sweetener

Recieved an email from OOO today. I actually have monk fruit extract (powder) and found it imparted an unwanted “flavor” on a mix though my testing was far from thorough i recall the mix with monkfruit (a cherry mix) imparted a sort of dragonfruitesque flavor. Not completely useless just seemed it would not be very versatile. Perhaps my powdered extract was not pure enough though it claimed to be 99.8%. Thoughts from anyone having tried monkfruit ? And any guinea pigs willing to cough up 24.99 for a 2ounce of this…lol


I mean they do have a 25% off coupon code unless it’s not active at the moment. While I like some 000 flavors, most of their line is a disaster as well as the customer service, in my experience.

I don’t have the need of trying or wanting to try new sweeteners, however I have heard about monk fruit as sweetener for quite some time. If I wanted to try, I’ll probably take a look at other brands offering before 000 tho.

But whoever gets it, please share the experience :wink:


Nude nicotine sells monk fruit sweetener for 18 for 2oz but you could buy a smaller amount for 5 dollars …