New please help

Hi I’m new to the site like a needle in the hay stack. I’ve added flavour concentrates to my stash but when I click on “what can I make” it says it’s temporarily down any ideas for how long or does it still work? Thanks in advance


It is not just you and they are working on it. Welcome aboard tho!


Best suggestion I could offer at the moment (until that feature is reenabled anyways) would be to:

  • think of a combination of flavors that you have entered (your stash) which might work well together (ie: vanilla ice cream, strawberry, chocolate)
  • click the link for each flavor in your flavor stash and note what the single flavor (Median %) usage is for your lead note (in this case, let’s say ice cream, and guesstimate 6%)
  • then find out what the median % usage is (in a mix) for each secondary note (let’s say strawberry is 3%, and chocolate is 2%)
  • then key all three into a “new recipe” form, and add your details for PG, VG, and nic!

Viola! Instant recipe!!

(in my case, it would be something like)
Vanilla ice cream 6%
Strawberry 3%
Chocolate 2%
at 3mg nic, 80vg

Do a 10-15ml test of it, to see if it’s remotely close to what you had in mind, and adjust as needed from there. :wink:

It’s easier than you think! Don’t let it intimidate you!
You can do it!

While we’re here, I would strongly suggest doing a search on “single flavor testing” here, and learn your flavors as you go! As it’s an unwieldy beast to try and go back and SF test once your stash gets past 30 plus flavors. Also, if you do plan on SF testing, buy 3x the number of bottles than you think you’ll need! Steeping takes time, and you’ll need some to mix in (10) for instant gratification (to vape), while another 10 is steeping, while the last 10 are being used for single flavor testing. Capiche? :wink:

Hope this helps! And welcome to ELR!


Start simple. For me I started with fruit and candy mixes. They were easier and a lot were shake and vape. Strawberry is one of the easier flavors IMO. Right along beside Apple, Once I had a few easy ones I liked and could sit on. Then I started down the bakery trail. I still have a lot to learn.


Thanks for help much appreciated, I will try your ideas and go from there. My first stash choice of flavours are , chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, nutmix,vanilla, all flavour art and then DX milk and DX bannana foster by flavour apprentice. Combos ive tried are chocolate and nutmix, milk strawberry and bannana foster blueberry but they don’t taste like from the shops abit boring if you like they steped for two weeks too. Also I use a pre mixed Base that is 85% vg 15%pg


Commercial liquid is generally loaded with sweetener - it may take your tastebuds a while to adapt. There is also the option of buying sweetener to add to your liquids, if you have a really sweet tooth (e.g. Cap Supersweet).

Welcome to ELR! :grin:


Aha I see I’m learning after a few hours on here, really cool this forum/site. Thanks lolly.
Would I be correct in saying… I have a pre mixed 85%vg 15%pg Base so to make a nic free 20ml bottle at 70% vg 30% pg I need to add 15% of flavour concentrates so 17ml pre mix Base and 3 ml flavour concentrates?


Correct…but check out what kind of % others use for the flavours you are considering over on the recipe side - 15% of some single flavours might taste awful or mute so you can’t taste them. Even a combination of 2/3 concentrates at this % might not work.

Does it have to be 70/30 end result?

ETA: on a positive note, 15% might work out just great for you - that’s the beauty of mixing your own liquid - you do what works for you :grin:

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Yeah I understand about the muting of flavours, my strawberry milk mix I made was aweful Tasted just like milk. I’m only using 70/30 tbh because that’s what the most common is I need to experiment. I like the citrus fizzy kind of tastes that leave a after taste. You say 2/3 flavour at this percentage might not work meaning 70/30 ratio? Would you say maybe go 60/40 to be more flavour plentiful? Thanks for your feedback


No, it would still get you 70/30. What I mean is that some concentrates need to be used at low %.

Can you give an example of what you are planning to mix in terms of concentrates?

VG/PG ratio varies from person to person - some people prefer max VG, some people have PG intolerance so have to use max VG, others prefer higher PG ratios. It’s all down to personal taste.

I just made some now so…
I went with 60vg/40pg this time 20ml bottle.
So I used 15ml Base 5 ml flavour.
Milk custard at 1ml milk 4ml custard
Blueberry custard 3.25ml blueberry 1.75ml custard
Tried some sf to of 5ml custard + 15ml Base and same for sf blueberry

Hope it works out for you!

Make sure to check out how others are using the same brand of concentrates as you. And read, read and read some more! It’s a constant learning curve, but persevere and you’ll get there! :grin:


I just went and bought and a whole new stash Many thanks :slight_smile:

You stash will grow and grow. I am up to 144 flavors after 9 months. I have the best luck researching flavors on the flavor list. Look at the notes. Even then I mix a very highly rated recipe and I don’t like it. Some take a little vaping to get good on the coil. Taste is very subjective. I agree with Lolly that commercial ejuice is loaded with sweetener. I use it a lot because I have a mouth full of sweet teeth. Luckily I rebuild and don’t buy pre-made coils anymore because the more sweetener gunks up faster. I use Cap Super Sweet around 0.50% most of the time. I have used TFA sweetener at 1%. If you don’t use a scale I would definitely get one. It is not necessary, but it will take you mixing to another level. Just make sure it does hundredth and does not have auto off. I am still very novice and wish I had done like you and done more research to start with. Lots of wasted $ and time. You’re on the right track. :grin::+1:t2:

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Hey thanks for the advice very much appreciated, I will have a look into the scales actually I seen a few recipes with 0.65 and 0.27 etc etc and wondered how they measure that. I’m literally using syringes atm so ml measurements. Practice makes perfect :slight_smile: it’s a super low amount of sweetener you add to your mixes is it really that strong?

Super Sweet is very strong. TFA is a bit weaker. It has 5% Ethyl maltol & 5% Sucralose. If you want a touch of sweetness just ethyl maltol. Don’t buy the crystals, TFA cotton candy is basically the same thing. 10% EM diluted in PG. It will mute your flavors if you use to much, but sometimes that is a good thing. Super Sweet is 20% sucralose and twice as strong as TFA IMO. Anytime I have gone higher than my normal it is way to sweet for my taste.