New Recipe .... Maui

Hi all, just whipped this one up to try some of my new flavours… Please let me know what you think. I just shake and vape, might develop more with a steep.


Wife comments are a really fresh pineapple smell with hints of vanilla and coconut. I think I might reduce the lychee or totally remove due to perfumey flavour it produces… Over all, very nice concoction I must admit.


Defiantly looks good buddy. Right on

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Looks very yummy. Doesn’t the perfumeyness dissipate as it steeps?


Yes I think the perfume is dissipated almost completely now after a day of steeping, definitely getting better with age. Thank you for the reply’s.

I don’t have Lychee (FA) I’m thinking about getting some how is it?
Also can I use TFA Raspberry (Sweet)?

I personally wouldn’t buy Lychee again but to be quite honest this is the first time using it. I’m sure any raspberry will work quite fine. I used it to boost up pineapple FA. A wee bit and to give it some sweetness. If you mix it, let me know what you think. It’s ok to leave Lychee out I will next time to try it a little differently.

Lychee. Too much for me personally.

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