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New Recipe Showcase 2018


your a trouble maker PV i dont want to buy anymore flaves , but ive heard good things about the VTA croissant …



All I can say is believe what you heard. :wink:



i have not regretted your recommendations yet :slight_smile:



me tooooo !! glad July 4th Sales are on, @Pro_Vapes that recipe looks deliciusosa !!! and I know what Arby’s apple turnover taste like, so good !!!



Dude! That looks like the absolute bomb man!
(And you get bonus points for the “VM butter” use as well! lol) :thumbsup:



I definitely have!
He’s an expensive bastard to follow… LMFAO :wink:



VM butter ?? what recipe are you looking at ???



This reminds of a Strawberry Shortcake in a Custard Base topped with Chocolate Syrup. I’m definitely picking up all the flavor layers you see here. It’s very smooth and creamy throughout with a very full mouthfeel. I get just the right amount of sweetness also. It’s a very decadent vape… not your average SB mix. It’s like Unicorn or Mothers Milk on steroids.

Strawberry Lasagna (Gmix)

Ingredient %
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 0.75
Cream Whipped (FA) 0.75
Dark Chocolate (MF) 0.60
Frosting (Flavorah) 0.40
Italian Cream (Hangsen) 1.00
Pound Cake (Flavorah) 1.20
Strawberry New (Flavor Base) GMIX 4.00
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 3.50

Flavor total: 12.2%

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holy crap i cant believe it i won a mixing comp and was up against some amazing mixers. my recipe is now available as a recipe pack from from a shop :exploding_head:



This is similar in profile to my CucuDew recipe and I’m getting a similar results. That Cucumber, Melon, Mint combo really works well using Watermelon also.

I did add a twist to this one by using the above combo in a creamy smoothie base. As for the smoothie base, it turned out to be very soft, smooth and creamy with a slight sour/tart note. It’s not weird or overbearing nor does it adds any offensive notes to this mix.

I added a bit of Pyure (New Formula) to sweeten this mix up a bit and help keep the tart/sour note in check.

I’m very happy with the flavor balance and the parings. It’s a bit different from some of my mixes, but is sooo tasty.

Cucumber Melon Smoothie (Gmix)

Ingredient %
Cucumber (MF) 0.50
Greek Yogurt (Flavorah) 0.50
Italian Cream (Hangsen) 0.80
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.30
Mint (MF) 0.12
Watermelon (MF) 0.50

Flavor total: 2.72%

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Congrats @Benoz, hard work always paysoff !!!



I Love some cucumber mixes, I only have CAP cucumber, and have to use at high %, but have 4 oz of it, so I need to get rid of it, so can get some MF !!!



I’m going to try this! I think I’m hungry and wish I had this to eat! Lol!



i dont have the sweet rice but i do have Hiliq rice , so ill adapt that and give this a whirl , i know they wont be the same but ill try the adaptation anyway ty Chewy @juice_junkie_lover what percent would you use the hiliq to replace the sweet rice ??? any suggestions



This mix has been very hard to put down since my 1st finger taste. I started sampling this mix a little over day 1-3 and it had some sharp notes, but it’s really settled over the last few days.

A mixer with prowess looked at this mix and offered some adjustments like lime and butterscotch, but I thought about a piece of advice that was given to me a long time ago, “use what you need and forget the rest”. (Good advice @ringling) I’m glad I follow your advice still.

Back to this mix… I’m getting a popcorn vape that’s well coated in caramel with a light nut exhale. It’s just slightly sweet but pretty accurate to the actual CJs. Every flavor is essential with no room for subs (sorry).



thanks @Pro_Vapes, now I just have to wait for my vape mail with the flv popcorn. :sweat_smile:



Be careful with this one… It is really strong. My 1st go at this flavor was at 1.5% and I had to change the cotton because it would not go away. .25-.4% should work in most mixes… YMMV.



love this flavor i dont have beer nuts vut i thi k this would be very good qith a tad bit of PB or another nut , what do you think @Pro_Vapes



With the mixture of juices that I vaping during the day, change the cotton and wash the atomizer, here is a daily routine … :sweat_smile:
But thanks for the advice. :+1: :wink:



Maybe @fidalgo_vapes… As the Beer Nuts being a lesser note in this mix… it should work, but if PB FLV brings any off notes is beyond what this was intended to be. You know how mixes go.