NEW Semi-Custom DNA 250C w/ 2800 mAH MaxAmps lipo Battery

Not satisfied with any retail manufacturer’s offerings of DNA 250C mods, specifically not finding any being offered with a lipo battery, I decided to build my own. I enjoyed the process enough I decided to make a second which I am offering for sale. I am semi-firm on the price as there isn’t much room to work with. It’s priced very close to what I paid for the parts.

In addition to the mod, I am including a clone 30mm Warhead RDA with a set of handmade stainless steel aliens. The coils are quite large at 3.5mm and 8 wraps. Each coil is a half inch wide! This is a very well made, high-quality clone. I’d love to own an authentic but at $180 it’s a little out of my price range.

I truly believe this is as close to a lifetime mod that you can buy. The MaxAmps battery does in fact have a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The battery was ordered directly from MaxAmps and built specifically for this build. And, if you’ve ever dealt with Evolv the DNA manufacturer, you’ll know their customer support (if ever required) CANNOT be beat by any other device manufacture out there, PERIOD! I dropped a mod with an Evolv chip in it once. This was 2 years after purchasing it and it was a Chinese made device. Evolv repaired it, no charge and no questions asked. Evolv stands behind their boards 100%.

The device is new aside from a minimal amount of use to test the device, less than 50 button presses. Condition is 100% as I received the components, NEW (aside from the aforementioned testing). The device has been fully configured; the case & battery analyzer have been run and the mod resistance (.003) has been set. The RDA has not been used. The coils have not been fired and will need to be burned in (hot-spots removed). I can burn the coils in for you if requested.

$270 payment through PayPal or Square Cash. I’ll consider other methods also. Price covers priority shipping.

Mod Specs are as follows:

  • Evolv DNA 250C board
  • MaxAmps 2800mAH 100C lipo battery (at 120 watts, I average 2.25 days vaping on a single charge)
  • Dripp3d Aluminum Enclosure - No magnets - Secured with two small screws
    Enclosure External Dimensions : Length: 120 mm - Width: 63 mm - Height: 35 mm
  • black 22mm Varitube V2 510 connector
  • black 16mm Miltec switch
  • battery and 510 are wired with 12awg silicon wire (Evolv’s max recommendation)
  • switch is wired with 24awg silicon wire

I’d love some feedback. I can post additional images if requested.


looks nice and seeing it w/ warhead (30mm) would sell it for me. Perhaps the dimensions of the enclosure would help others

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I added the dimensions to the post


OOH you got the new curved enclosure from dripped3D How do you like it?


Love it. It’s a lil on the big side but, it works well for me. It’s not nearly as heavy as I initially thought so, I generally carry it in my shirt pocket. With a Aromamizer Plus and some dual SS 6 wrap 3.5 mm Aliens, it’s very nice.

I also bought an enclosure from Stealth Vape UK at the same time. While Stealth’s enclosure is okay for the price, dripp’s is much better. Better design, better quality and can house a larger battery.



I gave up on metal enclosures. Mostly because I suck and mistakes are easier to fix with wood or even plastic. What sucks the most is that I always wanted to be good at working with metal.