NEW Steam Crave Glaz!


I’m interested in the RDA. Can’t wait to see some reviews.


I saw this somewhere else and thought to myself “I bet @SessionDrummer is gonna be all over this bad boy!”


Looks like a winner, both of them :smiley:

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I know that there are plenty of Steamcrave fans among us so I thought I’d let anyone who doesn’t already know that the new 31mm Steam Crave Glaz RTA is available now for pre-order from Steamcrave direct or from 3avape.
I just ordered 1 in each color.
There is a show and tell video here on Youtube.
@woftam please tag anyone else you think will be interested, I’m sure you know who they are better than me.


Oh no @woftam I don’t think you have them all.


It’s probably a bit small for him!:grin:


Think I’ll have to add this to my Christmas list…

What do you think of the new steam crave @Cutlass92




31mm whyyyyyy? I got no mod this would fit on lol, what’s your thoughts @SessionDrummer, might it be worth it?! :crazy_face:

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Not sure how the threads on a glass chimney will hold up?

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In general to me it looks like steam crave dropped the ball on that one.

From the video, because I don’t have it obviously, to me it looks like a rushed attempt of bringing out something this year.

I always liked them for their quality and being a bit different, but this one is just what everyone is been doing and from the looks nothing special.

Again it might be just the review, which was painful to watch and turned it off after half way through lol.

I’m interested to see what some of our people here on elr have to say, if they review it. till then I stick with my kylin mini and aromamizer v1 lol


Was that the finished version or a prototype? I may have missed that due to me enjoying watching paint dry more so then listen to that guy drone on. Either way, it looks like they are coming out with an rda version too which will have me keeping an eye out for.


@NChris @eStorm @Mark_Turner @woftam @TorturedZen Wow, wow WOW !!!

I have to say, I think I’m going to have to get a bigger mod base / anchor for this thing. @eStorm I hear you on the glass threads, but the glass and threads look substantial to me, and I’m not concerned about that aspect of it. lubing up the rails is never a bad idea, and I still do that on my SteamCrave v.1 to this day, and have never had to replace an oring yet. I do tend to favor a smaller Steam Crave (hehe), but I don’t think I will be able to NOT get at least one of these. I’m not even sure if I have a good mod to hold it upright on ROAR.

I very much like the showcase look regarding the coils/cotton, etc.and who can’t love a nice easy fill like that. I don’t have one yet, didn’t do any proto testing, but sure wish I did, then I’d have more feedback. I think as long as the tolerances are tight, orings tight but yielding, glass thick enough to withstand some abuse, it looks pretty good to me. Obviously you never know, until you know, but thus far, I like what I see.


While it looks pretty and all, I can just imagine the coil gunk that’s gonna be smearing up the chamber on that thing…shudders

The chamber on the Supreme V2 is about as big as I’d like-any bigger and I feel that the vape would be a little too warm for my tastes(which is what I first thought about the V2, so I could be wrong. Again,)

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Received my Glaz today, in fact 2 of them, and I can honestly say it’s the best Steamcrave RTA to date.
The draw is a bit restricted, not too restricted, which for me is a good thing, airflow is super smooth and the flavor is fantastic, noticably better than the Aromamizer Plus.
I wicked it as I wick the Aromamizer Plus and haven’t had any leaking or dry hits, that includes chain vaping @130 watts.
The sliding fill port is a great improvement too, so convenient.
For Steamcrave fans this is a must buy, and highly recommended for anyone who is yet to become a Steamcrave fan too.


@benjy337 I’m def. jealous of THAT !!!


Well I know this is way late, but yes I still want them!