New (?) study by Dr Farsalinos

The tone of the article, don’t worry but rather increase your nic level than increase liquid consumption.


Yes it is a new study. Here is the original source of the study. Is from 19 Jun. 2018


I put the (?) because I’ve heard him say something quite similar a good while ago… I believe it was on the international e-cigarette forum (not the site). The information isn’t new to me, but perhaps he did another official study to confirm his findings.

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You’re right! He probably went deeper into the subject, because last year he did a similar comparison:


This study is for nicotine levels, new one is for Carbonyl emissions.


From the research paper (linked to by @Laberythm )


The IQOS heated tobacco product emits substantially lower levels of carbonyls than a commercial tobacco cigarette (Marlboro Red) but higher levels than a Nautilus Mini e-cigarette.

the article linked to by OP is mostly based on an interview which Farsolinos gave. The rationale for increasing nic levels rather than sub ohm is that doubling juice consumption doubles toxin exposure. That said, toxin levels in the ecig were so extremely low , why worry?

For my own part I’m a lot more worried about increased VG consumption by subohming. Can’t be good for the environment, methinks.