New study links e-cigarettes to lung cancer

Turn on my computer today to be slammed with a crap load of anti-vape articles in my news feed…

You guys already posted a few of them but this is a new one for me…

Don’t kill the messenger guys :wink:


That old study trumpeted by an alarmist pseudo-celebrity doctor is making the rounds again, huh?

Can’t find the actual study anywhere, maybe because I’m searching under her name and she had nothing to do with it? Found a couple University of Rochester studies, but didn’t find any of them headlined with “e-cigarettes give you cancer.”

edit: wait, I think I’ve found it


Yeah it is almost a year old and I never saw it. Today though I saw it twice in a matter of 5 minutes…if this were true I do believe things would be going in quite the different direction…

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Media. Just a bunch of lie spreading assbags. They found aluminum? I know Kanthal containe small amounts of aluminum. Maybe we should throw our aluminum cooking utensils away. I actually don’t have any. Bad stuff. Now the nickel I can see. I won’t use it. I work with Inconel daily. I have smelled the fumes coming off of a hot Inconel chip which is an Aerospace alloy made with nickel. I’ll never vape on it. Until a completely unbiased study is conducted, vape on. Lots of other stuff out there will kill ya a lot faster. Like bad Chinese food.


Such a thing exists???


Long time medical marijuana activist Max Bortnick says that making anything with vegetable glycerine will cause oral and lung cancer…he’s got 30years growing plants and I’ve got 2 making Ejuice…he reminds me of that and I’m very very concerned about this as my Father died by smoking cigarettes and Mack’s elixers FB is holding off an expected release due to this information…Gregory