New study reveals harm reversal evident in e-cigarette use

Stumbled over this link on ECR. Apparently there’s a new study claiming e-cigarettes are at least 96% less harmful than regular cigarettes. And they report harm reversal and genereal improvement in COPD-patients when switching to e-cigarettes.


Two more:


This is awesome news. :thumbsup: This debate has been going on for a long time about the potentially harmful effects of e-cigarette usage.

Vapers need a spokesperson to relay this type of information to the powers that be. It’s a damn shame that the war on vaping is led by ignorance of what vaping is all about. Just because it resemble smoking, does mean it is smoking. These idiots are going into battle with a gun with no bullets.

Thanks @daath! I have send those 3 links to the Minister of Health as additional information to the email I send yesterday about the new laws.
I have completely missed this topic before somehow.