New study suggests vaping damages the heart

What does everyone think about this? I don’t like the people who attack vaping as being the same as smoking but at the same time I’m getting tired of a large portion of the vaping community who seem to have taken it upon themselves to become overnight doctors and refuse any information that suggests vaping isn’t gods gift to us.
For all we know it could damage the heart and kill us quicker than we’re likely to develop lung cancer.
Objective thoughts not based on tin foil conspiracies and denial?
What do you all think of this? If it turned out to be due to nicotine, anybody think alternatives to throat hit in conjunction with patches might be a good idea? I think a 50/50 approach may very well be a good thing. I never thought of using patches and vaping with a bit of flash hit (even though it doesn’t replicate throat hit properly).

What new study are you referring to please…


article or something pleases


Hmmm. Yes. Article please.

Plus no one has said vaping is 100% safe. Just “harm reduction”. I am pretty sure my 1.5mg nic is way better than what I got from a cigarette. But true, I’m not a doctor. I do trust (name error) the British Royal Acadamey of doctors on their intial finding that vaping is safer.

I do distrust big Tabacco and their intial desire to blow up the Vape industry with their stuff.


The sources, namely the European cardiology society is just as respectable as the British Royal Academy. It’s worrying, but won’t stop me vaping.

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Was reading this yesterday, there’s nothing that I read that had any kind of solid scientific reason behind it, looked just another bit of scaremongering to me.
I really hope I wasn’t wrong.


“They found that a 30-minute session of vaping had a similar impact on stiffness of the aorta as five minutes spent smoking one cigarette.”

Ummm… what kind of ‘scientific study’ would compare apples to oranges and come to the conclusion they are both citrus?


How do you come to that conclusion? It’s entirely scientific. No scaremongering whatsoever, This is exactly what i meant when i first posted. Why would you happily believe a study that says they’re safer and was conducted by scientists and then disavow a newer more recent study (which tend to always be better as they’re made from much more information including previous studies) which suggests they may be only marginally better or possibly worse in a different way, also conducted by scientists?

Can you say why it’s not scientific?

Are you saying the study is illegitimate? Really???

Alright :flushed: …easy tiger…
I said that’s what it seemed to me when I read it, I also said I hope I wasn’t wrong…
There was no mention of what mg they were vaping or what they were vaping with, it didn’t seem very informative at all actually.
Wasn’t exactly indepth, what I read was exactly the article you posted…


I’m saying what you posted is not a ‘study’, but the conclusions the author touts are not logical.


I’ll tell ya what I think! We hear of studies to this day still pushing propaganda, misinformation, and blatant lies. Why you ask? To convince the public what they are doing to the Vapor industry is just and the right thing to do for the public. It would be a good idea to follow the money when test results are released. Who conducted the tests, who funded the money, ect, ect, ectera. Look at something else people, the equipment tested is never the equipment that we use. It’s always the cigalikes and there has already been claims that chemicals are being used which cause cancer. We all know they have no problem doing this while what we do takes the bad rap because of their product. More than likely purposely. About 1 1/2 months ago a new study was released which claimed vaping is bad on your teeth and mouth. First off it says they tested 2 major NAME BRANDS. That statement right there tells me it was more than likely Blu and Vue. They claimed the silicates were bad, well, most of our coils are now organic cotton. Last, now get this, they claimed vaping destroyed 85% of cells in tissue samples exposed. Now I ask you, if 85% of cells in your mouth were destroyed by vaping, would you have teeth in your mouth? Would you even have cheeks, a throat, lungs, after just 1 year of vaping. How damn stupid do they think we are? If vaping is bad for your teeth I can tell you right now it’s because vaping dries out your mouth and you must stay hydrated. Another thing, whenever there is a study released, it’s always COULD BE BAD, MIGHT BE BAD, POSSIBLY BAD. It’s never that it IS BAD. Is vaping completely safe, probably not, but, they are still pushing dirt with a agenda in mind…


I am easy :stuck_out_tongue: I was just askng why you say there’s no scientific reason behind it, it’s entirely scientific. Stiffening of the aorta is a good way of giving yourself angina and various other heart diseases. I don’t really care, I’d rather vape for a while and give up by lowering my nic over time, so vaping is still way superior to ciggies. I just think there’s too much vitriol in the vape community and people like to pick and choose the studies that very smart people perform without bias because it fits their own wishes.

I just want to see a vaping community that isn’t bordering on the religious. It’s not gonna stop me vaping unless they suddenly say it shrinks my ears…or something… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why isn’t it logical? It’s not comparing apples to oranges, the end result is the point, not the course.

Stiffening of the aorta through any means will result in the same maladies, not really sure what you’re saying to be honest. Maybe we’ve got our wires crossed. Ciggies may do other damaging things to the heart as well but the stiffening is not a good thing regardless of how it happens, you’ll still get cardiovascular disease and heart attacks whether it’s stiffening through vaping or smoking. Am i missing something?

I think the real issue right now is, what you posted are articles authored by people that are not scientists. I’d like to see the actual study data and know who conducted it. Also, who funded it?


these articles are totally scaremongering and seriously jumping to conclusions. The sample size is 24 people, just let that sink in for a moment. The “study” is in no way conclusive, a sample size that small can’t give you any good information. One of Canada’s top cardiovascular specialists Gopal Bhatnagar sings their praises all day.

Sensationalised headlines sell ads.

Your first clue that its scaremongering is that its on Fox news.


Sorry…you seemed a lil like you had maybe 1 too many expressos there for a minute…
None of us are stupid, we know it’s not risk free, but compared to smoking I feel infinitely healthier, I’ll go with that :+1:
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story"
Never a truer word spoken with regards to these ‘reports’


It’s also touted on The Daily Mail and other articles I found.
The problem is, where’s the research data and who funded it?

Professor Charalambos Vlachopoulous, lead researcher from the University of Athens Medical School

Me too. A short blurp of an article like this doesn’t tell us anything. I don’t think anyone with half a brain will tell you that vaping is 100% safe. And it’s true that there could absolutely be long term effects that we don’t know about yet. But a “study” funded by an unknown source with unknown equipment with only two dozen people isn’t reliable.