New to custards, can anyone help with a very tasty custard?

No, I think it is another synthetic form of Vanilla. There is info in another thread here…

Continuing the discussion from Vanillin discovery:

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Vanillin isn’t really a “vanilla”. It is used in a lot of foods to add a vanilla flavor but it isn’t a vanilla extract nor does it compare to, say, a french vanilla. It is a synthetic vanilla of sorts, to save $

It’s a fragrant compound that is the essential constituent of vanilla. Vanillin is a vanilla extract alternative made from wood pulp. It is commonly used to reduce production costs. And, unlike real vanilla extract which is produced from real vanilla beans, vanillin is synthetic and may be produced using petrochemicals and byproducts from the paper industry. Unfortunately, because it’s cheap, the stuff is everywhere. Vanilla flavored over-the-counter medicines, beverages, and cookies are all places you’re likely to find vanillin.

I typically use it for the interesting things it does to fruits, specifically pomegranate and orange/citrus. It has a faint vanilla smell but I wouldn’t personally use it in my juice for a substitute for a vanilla.
There has also been a lot of scares in the past decades that it is harmful, much like any “fake” additives the world pumps into our food but I think that has been debunked now…