New to custards, can anyone help with a very tasty custard?

Never ever vaped one so I’m not exactly sure what they’re supposed to taste like. Can anyone reccomend a recipie that tastes good and like they should be tasting like?

There was a recipe for JVC which is/was a cheesecake recipe but I see it has been made private, if you like one with a bit of fruit (strawberry and banana) I have one that seems to have come out pretty good. I haven’t placed it up as of yet I hate to admit but I’m a procrastinator at heart.

Here it is if your interested…

StrawTips :

2% Ripe Banana (TPA)
5% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
4% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
5% Vanilla Custard v2 (CAP)

Flavor total: 16%
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If you go to the ELR recipe site, search “custard” and sort by high star rating, you should be able to find some well documented and commented upon custard recipes.

But for starters, take the recipe below and cut the Strawberry altogether, bump up the Cap VC V1 to 8% and you’ll have a darn good custard vape. :wink:

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10% CAP Vanilla Custard V1
1% TPA Dulce de Leche
1% CAP Egg Nog

One of the best VC recipes I have ever tried, Almost identical to Bryce’s Vanilla Creme Custard which is amazing.


A touch of eggnog is a good idea for that nutmeg factor. My grannys custard was topped with a sprinkle of nutmeg. My ADV custard doesnt have any eggnog because i will crave eggnog even more than i do now and it is seasonal. I tried in the beginning but i just couldnt handle it.

Here is my ADV custard:

6% Vanilla Custard (CAP) V1
2% Cheesecake (LA)
2% Caramel (CAP)
2% Vanillin
1% Simply Vanilla (CAP)

Both vanillas have been replaced by 2 drops/10ml Vanilla (MF). One month curing time.

May want to drop the custard down or expect to rewick every couple days, when i make this to sell i use 5% VC V1. I have been vaping this daily for almost two years. Now that we are talking about nutmeg ill have to grab some.


Man you guys are awesome. I have so much custard and I haven’t made anything good yet, steeping as always so these will get made tomorrow. Any chance you guys have made them with FA, CAP, and TFA? Trying to get one similar and make it across all 3 and see what one I like better custard wise.???

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Cap V1 is the only custard that i use. TFA’s isnt bad, FA is more like a European custard, hints of lemon, whereas CAP is more like a vanilla pudding style custard. I just prefer the nilla pudding type custard.

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if it is within your budget, I recommend using Flavorah Vanilla Custard.

You can also use this as a stand alone at about 4%

TFA is def good… Haven’t mixed with others but have had a handful of store bought ‘premium’ custard blends… And I can def see TFA as being a part of the good ones… I do have cap on the way since it was suggested by kustard Ken above! Actually should be here any day but with all the increase of packages for the holidays, imagined I’tll be longer then normal :unamused:


There’s a lot I want to buy from FLV and MF just don’t know how standout they are. I like my flavors very strong, in e juice. I have’t found a whole lot of flavors I wont live without except INW Shisha Strawberry so far. I do want more variety than the TFA,CAP,TFA, that I currently have. Ned sweet flavors too, my taste is very dull so it has to be POW in your face.


How do you sort by high star rating, is there a button?

If you click on a column heading it should sort by that column. So, if you click on rating, it should sort the recipes by rating.


Holy crap, you would not believe how many hours I have wasted!


LOL … i recently learned about the flavor stash in the web tools that this site offers and I have been using this site for over a year. (Shhhh … don’t tell anyone though. That is kind of embarrassing) … :blush:


I just mixed this up today and it so far is the best custard recipe I have ever vaped.

Banerry Custard Goo

Ingredient %
Banana (FA) 3
Banana (Flavorah) 0.75
Meringue (FA) 1
Shisha Strawberry (INAWERA) 2.5
Shisha Vanilla (INAWERA) 2
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah) 2.5

Flavor total: 11.75%

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Dang and my FLV stuff wont be here for a few days, depending on how long USPS decided to take. Interesting at the amount of FLV vs FA. The shisha is also something I’m interested in as their strawberry is my favorite strawberry by far.

Does Vanillin compare to any other vanilla?

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I’m still cornfused. I don’t know the difference. I just have Vanilla. @DarthVapor just made a post about it muting flavors over time. So I will just stick with what I have.

very good to know must be sweetened with EM.