New to DIY and vaping

Hello! I’ve been cigarette free for 3 weeks and have been using a pod system (I have the Caliburn a2, VooPoo Vinci and vapresso Xros mini). Unfortunately I live in NJ and it’s not easy to get eliquid; therefore, I’ve decided to dabble in DIY. I bought some premade liquids from vapor vapes (12 mg 50/50) and a flavor sampler from them. I also just placed an order bull city for more flavors.
I’m trying to calculate a recipe but I’m having a few issues.

  1. I click on vape ready nicotine base, add everything and get the following error

The target strength field is required.
The wvpga field is required.
The pg goal field is required.
The vg goal field is required.

  1. How do we add a flavor that is not listed in the database?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi Kat013 and welcome
A good place to start is the Guide which will tell you how to create & input a recipe, as well as explain the naming convention (see the first paragraph ‘Working with your flavour stash’).

  1. There’s a max vg option right under desired vg, click it.
  2. What flavour do you want to add? Chances are the flavour might already be in the database.

Are you sure the flavor is not in the DB? Unless it’s something new or relatively unknown chances are it’s listed. What is the name and how are you searching for it? I ask because there is specific method for finding them in the DB outlined HERE.


Also understand that it will no longer be 50/50 once you add concentrates to it. If they are pg concentrates and you add 10% flavor your gonna be vaping a 60% pg mix. When starting just buy your pg/vg separate. Before buying premixes you need to know what your target ratio is. If you wanted 50/50 you should have bought a 60/40. You will save yourself the hassle by mixing it yourself.


@Kat013 You’ve already gotten some good suggestions and advice. I just want to welcome you to the forum. Glad you are starting to DIY because it has so many advantages. And this is the place to be because of the wealth of knowledge and helpful folks.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome to ELR @Kat013 here is a video that might help