New to DIY.. Help

Yes. If you set your preferences to grams instead of drops, when you create a recipe it will tell you how many grams to add.

okay. my girlfriend and I have been thinking up ideas for flavors to try making together, (have 22 ideas already written down :slight_smile: ), no specific measurements yet, just the initial idea of what flavors we want together ect… most are unique (haven’t found already existing on here), a few are similar, with minor changes (adding a different flavor or subbing out flavors)… I guess what I would need to know is, when creating a new flavor without a pre-existing recipe, what is the best method of documenting that? If I only have the scale, I won’t know the ml used, and would make planning ahead to order more flavors, and knowing how much I can make ect… more difficult, wouldn’t it?

You would do yourself a bunch of good to read through the Resources and Tips for Beginners thread. All of this info is there.


And I have a bit of a tutorial on how to create a recipe in this thread.

Which is also shared in the Resources and Tips thread.


Awesome, thank you!

It’s not TOTALLY dependent on the calculator if you’re decent with math.

Flavors are, on average, 1g/1ml. They do tend to vary, but most people around here just use that. The specific gravity of VG is about 1.26g/ml, of PG is 1.036g/ml, water is 1g/ml. I don’t think the calculator takes into account the weight nicotine adds to your Nic base, so it goes by the weight of the PG/VG in the base. If you’re really interested, I can provide some of the numbers I have found for Nic base. I’d just go with the PG/VG though.

So what does that all mean? That means that you have to do a lot of multiplying to translate ml to g. Start with your base. Say you use 20ml of 50/50 nic. That’d be the same as 10ml PG and 10ml VG weight wise. So you’d have 1.036 g/ml x 10ml = 10.36 g and 1.26 g/ml x 10ml = 12.6g for a total of 22.96g of base. Repeat this with each thing you typically add—extra PG, VG, flavors, water, etc.

Or, just use the calculator with your preference set to grams instead of drops and be tickled pink cuz it does it all for you :smiley:


I have been relentlessly reading up on flavors and comparing between comments and suggestions of many flavors, and brands for each, and decided to take a stab at an estimate on the calculator of some juices i intend on creating once I get my stuff in, based on what I have read… I know it wont be super great, since I haven’t the experience first hand, yet, but I hope they will come out decent enough to not be total trash right from the get-go :stuck_out_tongue:
I am hesitant to share, yet, but I am really curious what you would think of one of them, since it was quite heavily inspired by a recipe you shared (found on my own while trying to determine appropriate amounts, and was pleasantly surprised to see you already had a very similar recipe).

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