New to DIY - need help finding a certain (mint/menthol) flavor

Hi there! Recently my boyfriend and I have started creating our own e-juice. We are trying to create a recipe based off of a juice we used to buy in a local hole in the wall vape shop.

Unfortunately, the bottles come unlabled and the owners won’t give us any kind of information about it other than the name “spearmint.”

This juice is STRONG, like mouthwash kind of strong. Our problem is that we can’t seem to find a flavor that doesn’t have any creamy or sweet notes. We have tried straight up Menthol at 10% (from flavor west… I think) which is close but too medicinal tasting. We bought Peppermint from TFA & Cool Mint from Cap and both are too creamy. We then tried mixing them with the menthol and something still isn’t right.

We are hesitant to buy a spearmint flavoring because the commercial spearmint juices we have tried don’t even compare to the juice we get from our local shop.

We want a flavor that is STRONG mint/menthol without any sweet or medicinal notes, any suggestions could help us at this point.

(PS. It might also be helpful to note that we vape PG heavy juices with a good amount of nicotine.)


The cold effect is most likely from ws-23 or koolada mixed with maybe a menthol or a light mint/spearmint or maybe even creme de menthe. Hard to tell without tasting but i would definitely look at koolada /ws-23 and revist menthol

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Oh I totally forgot to mention that we also have been using Koolada in our mixes! We have been playing around with the percent a bit but haven’t been able to notice it much, which seems strange to me because everyone seems to talk about how insanely cooling it is.


It is possibly the source of the slight chemical note you have experienced. I don’t use it due to the chemical taste i get from it I tend not to use cooling/menthol a lot but I do find ws-23 is a cleaner taste.


That would make a lot of sense, we haven’t tried menthol WITHOUT Koolada yet because we were afraid it wasn’t going to be strong enough. It’s so hard to tell what we need because the shop we got our old juice from is so vague gahhh. DIY seems to be a lot of trial and error and after a few bad mixes i’d figure someone out there could at least point us towards the right direction.

We will definitely be playing around with what we currently have some more, and do some research on Koolada like flavors!


Like Woftam said, WS-23… 1% gives me an artic blast and brain freeze.
It’s pretty cheap as well.

You can even make it yourself from crystals diluted in PG but for the price, I couldn’t be bothered mixing it myself.


Hi @PatheticPeach,
The hosts of Noted on the DOD YouTube channel actually covered 15 different cooling agents just last weekend. Here is the video link along with the list of cooling agents they tested. Hopefully this will help you in your search.

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Did you try Menthol Crystals?? Usually sold in solid form, mix them PG and then a couple of baths in warm water…

That’ll blow your head off… @10% is enough but if you want more just add more…

TPA if I remember correctly has got something called menthol liquid (PG), that’s crystals mixed at 67/33… don’t sniff them when they are solid, they are STRONG, might break your nose capillars.


I really like spearmint flv. It is a strong flavor that will dominate any flavor it’s mixed with. Currently I am playing with that and a gummy jelly base to mimic gum. Sort of at least.


Capella Peppermint and Spearmint are both really nice life saver type flavors. I haven’t noticed any creamy notes to them but they’re on the mild side. If you’re sensitive to what ever chemicals make a creamy note then maybe Capella will have it and I just can’t taste it. They’re definatley smooth.

Real Flavors Mint and Spearmint are both clean crisp candy type flavors with the Spearmint being very close to Doublemint gum. I’ve used these in a lot of recipes and never had a creamy note to them.

For the menthol, like @Iv3shf said, consider using crystals or like @woftam suggested, try ws-23 for cold without the minty notes. Koolada is nice for some things but using too much it can turn a mix bitter and dry.


@Mizzz_Z_Hobbit well said, same here, if I’d have to give it the minty taste I also use RF and can only confirm careful with koolada it can mute your recipe in no time…

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We were looking into menthol crystals, we will do a little more research and probably give them a try! Are there any forums on here that might be able to give us some tips for using them? :blush:

You can see it @post Nr.7 , but it’s just a matter of personal taste, just go to your local Pharmacy ( a good one) and ask for menthol crystals they usually have them, sold by weight, 4 grams is more then enough, put at them in a 20 or 30ml glass bottle (As I said don’t try to sniff them…) and fill the bottle with PG, put the bottle in warm water wait till it cools down and shake well, look at the bottle, you’ll still see some crystals floating… repeat… till they dissolve… That’s it!
You’ve now got your own mind blowing freshener…:joy:
Use it as a flavour, but start low and raise the percentage in a mix untill you find your sweet spot. :+1: