New to Mechs, Battery Safety

My Daughters made the mistake of asking what I wanted for Fathers day, I have wanted a Mech mod for a while and so asked for the Geekvape Tsunami Mech Kit.

Got some Sony VTC5A’s on the way, these are rated 25/30 Amps, now some math

Coil - 0.15 Ohm (Ni80 staggered fused)
Volts (fully charged) - 4.2
4.2 / 0.15 = 28 Amps

Volts (nominal) - 3.7
3.7 / 0.15 = 24.66 Amps

Is this to low? should I be looking at a 0.17 Ohm coil (24.70 Amps) or higher to keep it under the 25 Amp CDR?


Enter @Norseman :grin:


I use the Sony VCT5a in my tubes and my builds are normally around 0.08-0.11Ω and i have no issues what so ever with that setup.

As long as you don’t chain vape on that tube it won’t be any problem at all for you.
Hope you will enjoy that Tsunami mech.


Thanks @Norseman really appreciate your advice.

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You are most welcome bro.

If you got any more questions at a later point just shoot me a PM or something and i’ll do my best to help you out any way i can.

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Thanks but you may regret saying that lol

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Nah i’m sure it will be all good. I think that if i can help others and provide some solid info to ensure that no mistakes happen and make the use of mechanical mods a bit safer i’m all up for it.


What???! How’d that happen?! :grin: