New to mixing and need ideas

Hey there, new to mixing but not sure what to mix… in saying that I’m very impatient with waiting lol flavours I’ve got sofar are
Fruit Rings (flavour west)
Bavarian Cream (Capella)
Banana Split ( Capella)
Cloud9 (Flavour west)
DragonFruit (Capella)
Raspberry V2 (Capella)
Blueberry (Capella)
Cotton Candy (Flavour West)

Any decent shake n vape recipes would be greatly appreciated!! Already made the joker by timebomb and love it!!


Welcome!! I hope you find mixing as enjoyable as everyone here does.

Fruit flavors are pretty much SnV. You can play with combinations of the raspberry, blueberry and/or dragonfruit. There may be some recipes if you do a search by flavor and select a combination of two of them or all three.

The bavarian cream with raspberry or blueberry would be good. But it needs some steep time.


Have you done single flavor testing with these yet? I’d recommend doing that for sure. I’d go with the suggested sf % listed on the calculator side for each just to make it easy on yourself. This will help you get to know each flavor by itself, and you can do a little tank/drip mixing of the single flavors to find out how they play together.


Gerat advice right there. ^^^^. :ok_hand:


As previously mentioned
Fruits are shake and vape
Creams and desserts are longer steep time
If your impatient. Fruits are your style…maybe get more fruits or take a look at some of the master mixers recipes and get some of their flavors. There is some awesome people in this site. Good luck! Vape on :sparkling_heart::kiss:


Ok im getting there with mixing and doing pretty good, but i think im way out of whack with the nicotine i put it in… i bought 75mg nic vg based from New Zealand, i put everything in, enter that its 75mg and the target i want is roughly 8mg as isnoke 8mg cigs… should i aim lower for target strength or stickthere? Nicotine is the only thing confusing me getting it to a decent levelto get off the actual cigarettes

Welcome! The level of nic that u are comfortable w/ depends alot on the resistance of your coils. You may notice harshness with lower res. coils. That is another thing u get to fiddle w/ when u DIY and aren’t forced to vape whats available. If u start low, perhaps 3mg, u can always add more and small batch of 10 or 15 ml till u get it right. GL to you!


Sub ohm coils do better with less nicotine.
So if you feel like 8mg of nicotine is not curbing your craving for cigarettes adjust all variables accordingly.
Personally, i started at 24 mg nic with a pen style device. A year and some months later passed and now I vape at 4mg nic and my cravings are more than satisfied.

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