New to mixing, have a few questions

So I’m pretty new to this site but I’m so glad to have found it! There is so much good info and ppl here. I’ve fallen in love with frosted flakes vapes and I figured I’d try my hand in making my own. I figured I’d take baby steps and got the speckled flakes, milky undertone and ethyl malto from OOO. I made up a small batch at the recommended amounts and it tasted very weak. I guess I’ll let it sit for a few days and try it again. I also got a sugar flavor from steam spirit vapor along with frosted corn flakes. I used the sugar flavor and it is very crystally in the juice. Has anyone used this in a recipe and are there any drawbacks with it? Also, what is an average steep time for a batch?

@Ken_O_Where tried his hand at Frosted Flakes using Speckled Flakes and had like a shitload of versions and I am not sure he was ever happy with the results. Shroomy has what I am guessing to be the best Frosted Flakes recipe here. I would suggest since you are just starting out you you should mix up some proven recipes here and wait until you are experienced with the flavors you have before trying to create your own recipes. It takes a knowledge of what your flavors do according to your tastes before you can begin to create new recipes. I learned that the hard way and wasted about 50ml of juice when I first started out. After mixing up a few known recipes I was able to use those recipes to create my own simple recipes to start out because I learned what those flavors did in various mixes.


Do not use ethyl maltol. it will mute flavor in a mix unless of course you are looking to tone down flavoring. Average steep time is 1-2 weeks however there are some flavors that can take much longer such as tobacco flavors. It really depends on what you are steeping. Fruits less, creams, tobacco more. Often a mix will taste weak if you have not steeped long enough so be sure you steep well…


Yeah it can be very intimidating seeing a flavor list and getting the mix right. That’s why I figured I would get the FF concentrate and add milk just to kind of get a feel for it. Have you ever used sugar?

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The only thing I can think about that “sugar flavored” flavor is that it is ethyl maltol (EM) crystals or sucralose in PG/VG. Like ringling said, I wouldn’t use EM unless you’re trying to mute flavors or you’re using it by itself to make cotton candy flavored juice. Sucralose is what the flavors like Sweetner (TPA), Super Sweet (Cap), etc. are. Personally, I haven’t found a need to use that type of sweetener. A lot of flavors already contain EM or maltol and usually they’re sweet enough. If I really wanna sweeten I will use something like caramel or marshmallow.

As for steeping, it’s really personal preference and what the recipe is. Usually any recipe will benefit if left for some time to let the flavors meld. As a general rule of thumb, creams, custards, and tobaccos take several weeks (a month or more) to reach full potential; bakeries, some deserts, and some beverages are sometimes good after a couple of weeks, and you can usually get away with vaping fruits and candies pretty quickly. Like I said, general. :wink:


Ok awesome! Thank you guys so much!

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So don’t use them. Sucralose, or splenda, same thing, the human body can not process. As @JoJo said, if you must sweetened, use marshmallow, caramel, or something on these lines to do so. BUT, also as she said, many flavors contain EM already or Maltol which essentially is about the same, so you still have to be careful not to use too much or flavor muting can occur…


Why has the juice in my tank getting dark and the cotton on my coil getting dark as well? I really haven’t done anything different except to purchase my VG from another supplier. The mix I’ve been using is mainly VG, no PG other than the concentrate. I mix for a buddy of mine to and his has been doing the same thing lately? I’m new to the page and the forum, so I hope I’m asking in the right place!