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New to mixing liquids


Hi there,
I am new to mixing vapour liquids and its so confusing, i normally buy the liquids from a vapour store and realising its got to be cheaper if i mix my own.
I know the basics for my e-cig coil etc, its 30pg 70vg, but alas that’s where it ends.
I have looked into ordering a kit etc but i am still drowning in the info.
So to my question, can anyone explain how to mix 100ml of say cherry flavour at nicotine strength 6.
Thank you in advance for all your help


There is a bundle of info on making your own liquid on this forum it’s where I came to mix my own and there is a calculator where you input all your ingredients and it tells you exactly what measurements to get the mix right all you need to do is experiment with the % of flavour it is easy to mix your own I got it first time and it all depends how many flavours you want to mix in the same batch personally I don’t do this I only do single flavour

this is exactly what I mix all the time and it is always the same result every time I am still very new to mixing even though I have been doing it now for about 3 months but as I stick to one flavour it works for me hope this helps but more experienced mixers will help you more



That totals 200 ml but the calculator is http://e-liquid-recipes.com/create play around with it before you buy it’s what I did to get my head around it :+1:

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I am at work, so can’t post long drawn out replies like I normally do. But read the beginners thread HERE to start. That will get your head wrapped around the essentials.


I would not recommend buying an all in one kit. In most cases you will end up with flavors you wont end up using. Find a reputable source for nicotine from a company that mixes their own as opposed to a re-seller, this way you end up with fresh quality nic. For PG and VG there are many good options, I use essentials depot as its cheap and you can get it with free shipping on amazon. There are plenty of sites for flavors, start by finding some recipes that are reviewed highly and by many people and match the kind of flavor profile you like. Then check out sites like bullcityvapor, wizardlabs, ect and buy small quantities of the flavors for the recipes you have decided you want to buy. Its very easy to start buying flavors because they sound good and you never end up using them because they dont taste the way you would have wanted, hence starting with proven recipes. You can also pick up syringes/pipettes for measuring and bottles and other miscellaneous supplies from those sites or you may choose to buy your equipment piecemeal on amazon/ebay. Most important thing I can tell you is to read as much as possible on this site and others to start becoming more familiar and comfortable with the process. Its not complicated but can be a bit overwhelming at first. Good Luck and ask questions!


Before I started watched videos on YouTube. Saw exactly how to make. Found links for supplies. Then found this site. Everyone here is very helpful.


@starlitemale - You first need to buy nicotine, VG, and PG. The nic is the toughest thing to decide on. Deciding what mg nicotine to get is tough at first. I buy 100mg nicotine and I buy it 100% VG based so I can mix higher VG liquids and not have too much trouble. Some people prefer PG based nicotine. And everyone has their own preference for the strength of the nic they buy. I prefer the 100 and VG base because I have to dispense less of it, and it being thicker VG base I don’t have to worry much about spilling it. It’s like toppling over a bottle of Aunt Jemima. It’s not going to splash everywhere if you do.

VG and PG are readily available through a few good suppliers. But some highly recommended and cheap base liquids can be sourced from Essential Depot. They have the glycubes which allows you to pick 4 bottles, and mix and match. I buy one bottle of PG with three bottles of VG since I mix right around 80%VG/20%PG. Nowhere else will you find 4 gallons for around $40.

When you start to buy flavors, look at a few recipes. Sort the recipes by rating to get the highest rated ones first. Pic a couple out and order the flavors. Just know, custard flavors take a month or two to steep. So you won’t be vaping those right away, but you can if you want. I don’t. Creams take a few weeks too. Fruits, some take a week or two. But even with all this, there are a lot of shake and vape recipes on here. Meaning you mix, bottle, and vape right after you make it.

So again, read through that beginner resources thread. There is a wealth of information in there.


I highly recommend that you consider making only 2 mils for your first mix. Could test it, after thoroughly shaking, and steeping for 2-3 hours. Then let the mix steep for 3 days and test again (you may want to read about how steeping effects a recipe). Only after your really sure that you could vape 100 ml. would I consider making that much.


I would recommend mixing a larger quantity, like 5 ml or even better 10 ml - but only because your mix will be more accurate then. Measuring out flavors for a 2 ml mix can be very hard! :smiley:


I agree. Mixing in really low quantities is pretty inaccurate. Even some larger batches like some of mine that have FLV Rich Cinnamon at .25% can be hard to get that small percentage right on. And that is one flavor you don’t want to stray too far from your actual target percentage with.

You are better off in the beginning mixing a known good recipe and making a 30ml bottle of it. That way you are more accurate, can have a larger quantity in case you vape it all, and possibly have some left for longer to better understand how steeping affects the recipe.

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