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Hello, I am new to diy eliquids, have been with mods rda’s for over 2 years, and now IV started diy mixing… Wish I started earlier!! But I really do need some help, last week I ordered some apple pie from flavour art and some 52mg/ml nicotine and some 90%vg 10% distille water, and while mixing there liquids I made everything fine except the flavouring ( I think ) in a 30ml I used 30% flavouring and smells very strong, has been sat away for 4 days, keep shaking it up and steeping etc, Iv ordered some caspella New York cheese cake and strawberry to mix in together, can someone please help me out :frowning: or anyone who has used caspella liquid give me a good percentage to use, will be making a 30ml batch, any help will be praised! Thanks Nathan.

Ouch! 30% is waaaaay too much. You can click each flavor on ELR and see detailed statistics - As you can see Apple Pie (FA) is used at ~2.5% in mixes, and ~3-4% as a single flavor :smile:


Iv just tried some and gosh it’s strong… What’s a good % for 30 ml?

Hi maybe it is a good idea for you to start at a smaller batch size say 5 mls and get a handle on your mixing techniques before getting into big batches mainly for cost purposes.
Welcome to DIY it is a world where if you can dream you can make it !

Like Daath says plug your flavors into the recipe database. When you start off start lower, save your recipe then go back once it is saved and click on the individual flavors this will lead you to a link that will give you suggested ratios aka starting percentages for each flavor.

30% is very high and probably will not ever taste good. As far as learning you should start will non complexed recipes. Try 1-2 flavors on a batch and then build up as time goes on.

Take good notes label your batches and the hardest part leave them alone and give them time. Until you really know what percentage overall in a batch that you like ( for me I like between 16-22%) you should make a couple different batches with different %.

Leave the nicotine until the very end ( once it has sat and cured ) this is perfectly fine to do and is a huge way to save $$$. Then once you have realized the batch is good add your Nic.

Ppl use warm water not hot it will degrade your nicotine to steep/ cure the e juice ( this is if you have decided to not wait to add the nicotine of course. )

Some use an ultrasonic ( jewelry cleaner) do some research and YouTube some videos on steeping e juice so you can view what you’ll be doing.

Make sure if you are trying to start off using a scale to change your settings under the profile setting from drops to grams. If you are using syringes keep them clean and if you use a Banana you can pretty much kiss that syringe good bye it is rough on syringes.

Mostly have fun and stay with what your recipe says if you make changes along the way add it to your " notes section " of the recipe that way you know what adaptions you’ve made once you remake it. Clean your syringes well and dry them before putting them up. You may want to invest in a baby bottle rack to dry them. I use a rack called Boon grass counter top drying rack perfect for all the small pieces.

If you have questions please ask it can be a very dangerous hobby if unsure No stupid questions is our Motto around here !

Welcome to the club !


Thank you Amy!! Will keep this in mind! When my new liquids come I’ll do the small batch instead of going all out :wink: will tell you how it goes and if I have any questions I’ll reply on this post!


For a single flavor I would start with 3.5% - it doesn’t matter if it’s 5, 10 or 30ml.
You can actually make 26.5ml flavorless e-liquid, in the same strength that you did you mix in, and mix in 3.5ml of the one you already did (with the 30% flavor in it), and you should have some 3.5% liquid - my math might be way off, because I’m tired and I can’t think straight right now, but in my head it makes sense :smiley:


I’m so confused right now, I thought maths was one of my strong points :joy:! I will read this tomorrow and will get back to you and have a mess about on the calculator etc :stuck_out_tongue:

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He is only saying that the % is what makes it, the size ( mls ) is just that. When you make a batch and it is 5,10 or 30 mls you will be using your -% the same across the board the calculator on the database will figure out how much in mls your need of flavor at that % whether it be 3 for one flavor and 5 % on another it will compute this for the size batch you have put into it. Hope I didn’t confuse you further.