New to NET tobacco extracts--have questions!

Hey all, I am just starting out making my own NETs from pipe tobaccos. I used to smoke a pipe, but had to quit using nicotine. So, I’ve taken my favorite tobaccos and have them macerating in 100% PG as I’ve read you’re supposed to do. While I wait (what…a couple months?), I ordered some NET vape liquid from Black Note and another smaller operation. I am hugely underwhelmed at the taste. It’s like syrup with a hint of tobacco flavor…not at all the “tastes like a fresh tin of tobacco smells” promise. So, here are my questions for those with experience:

  1. Is homemade NET that much better, or do I have the same overly sweet, less like tobacco taste to look forward to?
  2. For those with pipe experience, do you find that certain tobaccos/blends lend themselves to better flavor extraction than others? I am a huge VaPer (Virginia Perique) fan and am okay with some latakia.
  3. I read that you should wait and shake daily for 1-2 months. Is longer than that even better?
  4. What’s the favorite straining method that retains flavor?

Thanks so much!



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Welcome and glad you joined.


You need to know what you are doing when filtering and extracting. Some types of tobacco contain over 30% sugar. Virginia, for example.
Vaping sugar is absolutely not recommended.