New to RBA Smok Baby Beast

Can anyone tell me where to get the RBA for the baby beast? I’ve been vaping for awhile now and id like to try wicking my own coils. I watched a few videos and wrapping coils looks difficult so I going to try wicking the premade first. The picture is the smok beast. It came in the box. I have no idea how to wick it tho. I’m looking to buy one for the baby too

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if you have the cloud beast, stay with that rta, baby beast is such a small tank i wouldn’t want to work on the rta for that thing lol. but which the cloud beast is pretty simple


Will this cotton

be ok?

A few vids watching others wick a coil and you’ll have a better idea of what your doing. I like a little looser wick as it flows faster the high - max VG I tend to use better then a tight wick IMO.


Which cotton? the stuff that came with the smok cloud beast rta?

@Wamphyri it’s no biggie at all working on that deck.

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yup, same stuff i use. sorry first time i looked at the post the image didn’t come up

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If/when you use the rba for the Baby Beast your going to need a different glass tank than what your using for the when your using purchased coils. The RBA is taller… make sure when you purchase the rba it comes with the glass tank so it will work correctly.

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@CallMeTut thanks for the tip. I normally buy stuff online but I think Ill go into a vape shop for it to make sure I have the right glass and RBA.

VapeNW has them for $10.99

TFV8 RBA Package Contents:
1 x V8 Baby RBA Core
1 x Glass Tube
1 x Allen Key
4 x Spare Screws
2 x spare O-Rings

Also, because you are new to building coils, you will need a reliable ohm meter…remember, safety first!

Element has this Coil Master 521 tab mini for $19.95

They also have the baby beast rba for $9.95

V8 Baby RBA Head
Two-Post Design - 0.3ohm Clapton
Fe-Cr and Nickel-Nichromium Heating Material
Includes V8 RBA Exclusive Glass Tube, Screwdriver, and Spare Parts


@SunnyT thank you! That really helps alot :grin:

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For me the baby RBA head was a little tricky to wick. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a very good head. I would either get too much cotton and it wouldn’t wick real well or too little cotton and it would leak. I finally did get the balance. I’m just saying this in case you encounter frustration, you’re not alone. DJlsb Vapes does a lot of videos on builds and brings out some of the finer nuances of wicking. Fluffing cotton, Getting the fluffed ends open to the e-liquid etc. He also covers using an ohm meter well.

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just my opinion, but i would recommend getting an rta if you want to start building your own coils. i was using rba s in some of the tanks i owned, and this advice was given to me by a local store owner when i asked him his opinion of the baby beast rba.

i went and got the rba anyway, but never actually tried it, cause it didn’t work out the box. think it was dead shorted. a few people on forums seems to have similar problems, other people seem to get on fine with it.

after this i got a cheap kayfun clone for about £12 from fasttech, then an avocado for £12 from the sale at gearbest, then picked up a goblin mini for £5 in a sale.

the difference between all these rta s and, for example, the crown with the rba in it (which is good, don’t get me wrong) is like. ought and say. much much easier to build and get working nicely, much better vaping experience altogether, for about the same price or not much more.

the avocado especially, is fantastic. the og 22 one. so many options for building and when you get the build just right, it’s perfect, the airflow, flavour and vapour production.

just my opinion though.

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I ordered mine here for 9.99 along with a coil building kit and Shenray Hadaly RDA for my Dripbox 160. Free Shipping with $15 order.

3 Likes has a great kit for winding and testing coils

Professional Coil Terminator Tool Kit DIY
Roughly 37 bucks, free shipping
It comes from China though